Books are known as friends and the ocean of knowledge. These have the quality of leading their readers. Not many people like to listen and talk about our past to our elders. It will be the history of the future. As we like to read history and get the motivation of it. The period of our elders was tough. We have no interest in the discomforts of their lives. Discomforts make one’s life uneasy, unhappy, irrelevant, and full of troubles. But today’s whirling world rotates one’s emotions and desires unsympathetically. On the contrary, many of us remind the days of our elder’s hard work when machines were not in common. They work by hand without any facility for our comfort of ours. They had developed the qualities of honesty, contentment, and brotherhood, and felt satisfied by their limited amenities.

Have you thought the past was good? If you have the hobby of reading books, you will think and analyze and refuse.  Books help to cultivate the courage to refuse false facts. Life without machines – imagine it! What type of world it would be? Due to lack of transport, life moves as slow as a bullock cart. Would you like to enjoy it? Houses with leaking roofs – not less than an unpleasant hell! Have you dared to live in? No medical facilities – people died from diseases and follow the rule of nature helplessly. The scene of life is dreadful without education, ignorance, and the darkness of illiteracy. As we learn about the wonders of the past. Surely I can say, today nobody likes to upvote the past.

 Nobody will agree to do so – as the present is good that is full of uncountable facilities that are the miracles of books where we live. The world has changed by books. Books provide wings to human imagination. These have the power to change evil into good, immovable into moveable.

  • Works as a Guide
  • Loyal Friends
  • Novelty Creator  
  • Earn by Reading Books

Works as a Guide

Ask yourself, wherefrom knowledge come from?  Your simple answer will be the internet. There is no doubt. But in the past when books were not common, written by hand- is called Manuscript.  Not many people had approached to see and read a book. In the absence of books, the living standard of people was very poor. People were unable to make progress. It is a widely accepted concept. Due to the absence of knowledge- the sparkling of the mind got faded, and imagination couldn’t get wings without books and education.

The turning point of the world’s rotation came when the printing press was invented. It was the remarkable invention that had led to making the world for extraordinary inventions and discoveries. Exploration of the earth’s surface was started by Europeans. On the other hand, the intelligence of Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing machine and contributed to the growing intelligence of others.

Johannes Gutenberg was famous as an inventor, publisher, printer, and goldsmith – was born in Germany. During the revolt of 1428 Gutenberg’s family was politically exiled. They settled in France. But he kept starting his experiments continuously. He returned from Germany in 1448 with his printing machine. He was fond of reading books and took guidance from them. Because he never lost his time in useless and unproductive activities. 

  He had given a new way to communicate to the ignorant masses of the world. When the books of philosophers and famous scholars came into the hands of common people. Then they got useful guidance. Bravely they got ready to sail their lives on the surface of the water and explored other landmasses on the Earth. These geographical discoveries taught the world how can they make development. No doubt books help as a faithful guide. Reading books introduces one’s destination and selection of destinations. So we can say books also help to plan and achieve target mannerly.

 Loyal Friends 

Loyalty is rare in this improper world. Suspicions always come into everybody’s mind in our daily lives. Disappointed and discouraged persons set out in the search for loyalty. What happens?  What will they gain? Would he succeed in their mission? Without any delay, everybody can answer, nothing. According to today’s trend, finding friends by using social media- texting, posting, checking other’s activities, location, commenting, and liking is easy. During this time, liking on social media, you cannot know about their behavior and can’t scanning of one’s mind. Because it is not as trouble-free as texting and posting message. When you deal and interact with others, many annoying aspects affect your feelings that hurt your emotions.

You make a search for loyal friends but what you gain. As you think –you are loyal, your dealings are honest but many people cheat you. Disloyalty of your friends and relatives becomes a brain teaser. If you tend to a habit of reading books- you will get both loyal friends and loyalty. As books lead you to do your best and play a truthful role in the life of a reader. Most people of all ages stay emotionally disturbed. These help to remove various types of misunderstandings. We all hope for our health tomorrow. Healthy tomorrow means – a future with wealth and physical fitness for the enjoyment of success.

 As we notice all people are hankering after to get more. But some people convert their wishes and dreams into fruitful dividends who keeping themselves in touch with books. Use their spare time for reading books and invest their time to get knowledge. The knowledge increases when we use it and other material things get less as a person uses these. Physical fitness and mental health are complements of each other. The first requirement of a person is mental relaxation.

Mental relaxation produces energy to do the important task of life. It comes through reading books. What type of books you want to read, it’s your own likeness and interest. There is a variety of books. For the purpose of physical fitness, there is a number of fitness teachers and clubs, and gym online and offline. The selection is yours. What do you like to select? On the other handbooks help to reduce stress and maintain your anxiety. Anger and emotional handles are treated by books like a loyal friends.

In times of adversity, nobody wants to listen to your grief as it’s happened with a friend of mine. One day she told me about her problems –some family misunderstandings and financial problems. I thought she is loyal and honest. She is searching for loyalty. Often she visits a doctor for treatment for stress. I suggest to her – you should read books. ‘Which book’, she asked sobbingly. I gave her a book, ‘Stop Worrying and Start Living ‘ written by Dale Carnegie. She read the book and thanked me. What has she learned? I noticed, that his attitude toward life has changed. She has gained the courage to handle and solve her troubles. She looked smarter than in previous times. She returned my book after four months with great regards. She has explained her views – books have nature like a loyal friend.

Novelty Creator

The world demands novelty for innovation. Innovation depends upon the thinking style of people. Books are having the power to change thinking. When thinking gets changed then living standards take a new turn. The utility of resources – man-made or natural- has taken a new form of solutions for daily problems. Suppose all the doors are shut. There is no hope left to make progress and achieve the target. Average people despair and are disappointed but those who are the fond of reading books, find out a new way to achieve their fixed goals.

In the time of the Russian Revolution, the revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin was punished by the Russian government in Siberia in 1897 for three years when criminals were sent to death. It is the coldest place in Russia. The government sent him to death but he turned back from his coldest prison. He was fond of reading books. He studied a lot there and plan a new way for his movement and set a mission to get rid of the tsar’s rule. He gave valuable advice to his followers – Read, Read, Read. Reading books and generals helped him to achieve his target in spite of death.

The planning of the government failed. He succeeded and became the president of Russia. Opening the libraries all over the country was the first part of his planning. To follow the rule- Read, Read, Read – Russia was able to use the human resources in abundance and sent the first flight in space. The Hero of Soviet Russia was Yuri Gagarinthe first cosmonaut who took the first round and revolved around the Earth for 108 minutes.  

Earn by Reading Books

Technology has not changed the views of the young generation but has changed the ways of earning. The wonderful facility of the internet has shown various ways of learning as well as earning. A time has passed away when writers were paid very little for their work. Today reading books is helping as pass time activity and a source of income. Innovative technology provides an opportunity to earn money by reading books. You can make a change in your life by book review. You can sign up for reading books.