Talent is a high-priced, natural resource and a secret gift to each individual by nature. It gives birth to life motives. Motives are those transparent and desired objectives that can achieve by a person along with one’s talent. The development of talent is more necessary than other considerable precious resources. Because the development of talent can make adequate use of other resources. Present-day, the talk of boosting talent is fake and impractical advice when the world is facing the pandemic, covid-19. All the active energies of human beings seem to go rubbish. Jobs are lost, industries are closed, and economic gains are not coming.

Dreaming for a better life is like a crime in this complex world. Imaginary powers may ban that always swing in young minds. Now they are struggling against blockage. Worried youth is busy finding other ways for their livelihood. Most teens and adults are busy surfing the internet. Their parents are worried due to their unhealthy and non-productive activities. Because the bulk of the time of day they spend with phones as an excuse to study. As the consequence, you are losing grip on your confidence. As I have taught students then I have noticed. Laziness is their common habit, procrastinating is present in their behavior, and their potential for good work is continuously reduced. These negative actions will lead them to a lack of success and nervousness that they have never dreamed.

Development of Passion

Now your age is passing through progressive years.  So your first duty is to be aware. You have enough time to develop your passion. Passion means- a strong desire for anything. Many times it is based on your leisure activity. Check it up and start to pursue it. It is time to take a turn toward your heartiest will. Because you entertain yourself with others’ passion or talent. Have you ever thought? Do you have also that type of talent that appeal to you to be developed? By developing your passion or talent. You will be able to satisfy or entertain others’ interests. Ten years ago, I write articles for a Punjabi newspaper for the contentment of my hobby, not professionally. Because bad habits like laziness, procrastination, watching movies, touching smartphones again and again, etc. are rocky hurdles in the path of hard work.

Bad Habits

These stingy habits work like friendly enemies always suggesting, that I do not need more work. During the lockdown, I found out –mere work as a hobby or pass-time activity cannot be got a form of passion. I must do work honestly. When teaching has been banned, schools are closed. I got enough time for reading and writing. Then I start work delicately and start writing blogs. I am sure that you must have these types [above mention] friendly enemies that always suggest you find comfort in life. Face these enemies bravely and kill them by the habit of hard work and iron determination. If you have some hobby or talent develop it as a passion. It demands more learning and practice again and again.

Always remember, that the development of passion is the strong foundation of creation. All the wonderful creations, you are enjoying in the field of science and technology, commerce and industry, agriculture and medicine, literature and art – it is the product of passion. Be a creator. Start preparation, it would be a memorial journey of your life that will lead you to remarkable success.

Management of Talent 

Scanning social sites clear a concept – there is a flood of talent. Each individual has familiar with his talent and posts their likes and dislikes without any interval. Social sites have taken the form of fertile soil where natural vegetation flourished automatically – lushes green grass, bushes, and big and small trees can see. Natural beauty attracts each person when it is swing season. The Internet platform is working like fertile soil and helping individuals to be a star. If you have faith – the internet helps you to be a star a night.

Getting name and fame

It is a fake belief because individuals get names and fame through the medium of social sites. They practice with their indomitable spirit to post their features. Comedian Superwoman Lilly Singh, Photographer, and blogger Brandon Stanton, tuber Marques Brownlee and other many stars and professionals in various fields are showing their talent. If you want to get a brand for yourself, you need to boost your talent like a farmer who wants to get a good harvest. He increases his production at the level of commercialization. The only natural beauty of vegetation never be a source of income and cannot fulfill the needs of a country’s population.

What does a farmer do?

  The farmer makes the soil fertile by the use of fertilizers, plows it well, and prepares it to sow for seed. Timely watering and weeding are his daily activities. He keeps knowledge about the friendly and non-friendly components of the environment to be a successful farmer. As a farmer, you have to use the platform of social sites like fertile soil to show your talent to get a name and fame. But what type of effort do you make for it? Fake beliefs should erase as early as possible. Because your talent needs for polishing.

It demands working hard to get shine. For centuries the popular and considerable concept of talent – It is discovered by the tool of education. Education has played its role perfectly. What type of education you have got- active or passive it’s no matter. You are well-familiar with your talent and you should use various tools to boost your talent like a farmer. Support of parents and teaching of teachers like watering and weeding respectively. It will help to shine your talent. Each individual who knows his talent has needed to boost it as passion and work hard for his passion to convert into creation successfully. History has shown many examples of the conversion of passion into creation.

Marco polo and His Passion

Marco polo was an Italian, explorer, merchant, and writer who started his voyage for trade with Asian countries. He was not the first European. His father and uncle made commercial dealings with other countries. He was born on September 15, 1254. He had become an important page of history. Even his elders were talented, strong, and brave and dared to travel on the surface of oceanic water. Therefore we should try to know how he became a famous trader and explorer. How did he become a model for other explorers?

He set out on his voyage to visit Asian countries – Persia, China, Japan, and India. He was impressed by the great size of the Mongol empire and its wealth. He spent seventeen years in China and collect knowledge on his journey about various unknown parts of China that had not been to the notice of Europeans. He was fully satisfied with his travel and returned to his country after twenty-four years. At that time Venice was at war with Genoa. Situations were the worst in the country. He was kept in prison. But he wanted to share his knowledge about his unforgettable travel. He shared by indirect method. Because winners never waste time in the search for opportunities.

Rustichello da Pisa

He started sharing his knowledge with his cellmate who was a writer, ‘Rustichello da Pisa. He dictated his stories about the wealthy Mongol empire and China’s excursion.  Rusticnello da Pisa wrote the book ‘The Travels of Marco polo’ [also known as the book, The marvels of the world] These unknown facts seemed like fairy tales- unbelievable! But it was the reality that not only astonished the Europeans but motivated also them to explore the land masses on the Earth. He was intelligent. He was in the prison and found a way to share his knowledge and experiences with his countrymen.

His purpose was not only revolved around collecting wealth. He wanted to know more about other people, their culture, occupation, language, skills, and inventions. His dictated stories helped to produce new energy and encouraged him to find out new routes for trade. Christopher Columbus had inspired by his book and discovered America. Marco polo has the ability to convert his passion into creation. So you should boost your capability for the shining of your talent. Always keep in mind- to boost your talent for making a new creation.