About us

I am self employed woman in education sector. I have noticed during my starting years of career , many educated persons are struggling for a desired job. But failed. Because they have not sufficient knowledge about their natural interest and talent. As we know ,education system is unable to discover natural potential of learners. Specially in developing countries. During my school and collage education, no teacher has helped me to polish my talent of writing even I have selected as the editor of collage magazine. All the teachers forced me to get good grade for the best record of the institution.  Lack of proper guidance pushed me back ten years for the progress. I teach students and write articles for a Punjabi newspaper. Luckily I got  chance to visit Japan. It was also a turning pole in my life. I astonished by the ways to teach students. Its led me to learn educational psychology thoroughly. Then I have developed some methods to teach students. How can I discover the innate potential of learners during their school education. So that they would be able to chose to perfect career course for their bright future. These methods help students.

Many Students come at my tuition center to read and cram books for exams according to their parents wish. Honestly, my first duty is to discover their inner potential and introduce them as well as their parents. I also help them to change their attitude, way of thinking and work. 

My suggestions work as a ‘Turning pole’ for their life. So, I start to publish my views as blogs. Furthermore, I suggest many links of other websites and you tube channels that will help learners each moment.

Reading of these blogs will prove as a fair deal with one self.