All Indian leaders and educational experts accept the fact – the Indian education system is ineffective. It was developed by British rulers. They wanted to fulfill the aim to enslave Indians mentally. India got freedom on 15 August 1947. Then it was an exploited country. Indian leaders did not try to change it. But the present-day Indian school system is one of the largest systems in the world. It demands to eliminate demerits because It has many blemishes like:-

Table of content

1. Crush Natural Talent

2. Right of Education Vs Study becomes stress

3. Rote learning is harmful to Robot development

4. Single Teaching Method

5. Increase Family expenses

6. Generate Unemployment

7. New definition of Education

8. How can India update it?

1. Crush Natural Talent

Jean Piaget said, “ The Principle goal of education in school should be creating men and women who can capable of doing things, not simply repeating what other generations have done”. On the contrary Indian school students are compelled to rote books. So that they can get an A+ grade or 99% marks. The school years are the developing years of students’ brains and bodies. These important time durations have been spent cramming books. They have no time to think or imagine novelty. Because they are forced by teachers and parents to get top positions in class. There is no time left to ventilate the natural talent of students. The achievements of other countries are better than Indian youth.


  Gold Medal Total medal
India 1 7
China 38 89
USA 39 113

2. Right of education VS study becomes stress

A Tibetan proverb is – A child without education is like a bird without wings. Indian constitution gives an important, fundamental right to its citizen the Right to education. Today India has the largest education system in the world. But it is ranked 34 in the world. It is marked as worthless. Bill Great says – “ India’s education system needs for better than it is the day. Because it generates only 28391 able young men. India gets patent according to WIPO [ World Intellectual Property Organization] Top 10 Tips for Reducing Study Stress

       Country        Get Patent
       India         28391
       China         5.30 Laths
       USA          3.62 Laths

3. Rote learning harms Robot developing

Co-founder of apple; Steve Wozniak’s statement is – Indian education teaches you to study hard, get your MBA, and someday you will have a Mercedes, but where is the creativity? “ In the age of computerized worlds where Artificial Intelligence is targeting new horizons of human brain and space. But Indian educational teaching is producing fact-learning candidates that are becoming a burden on natural resources. Because a student rote near about 100 books during their schooling age. It harms thinking and imagination power. I have prepared a guess of how many books a school child rote during his schooling.

1. 1st class to 5th class   :     35 books

                                                7 books per / year

                                                 Each book includes

                                                 10-15 chapter

2. 6th  Class to 8th class :       39 books

                                                 13 books per / year

                                                  Each book includes

                                                   14 to 20 chapters

3. 9TH Class to 10th Class :       36 books

                                                 18 books per / year

                                                 Each book includes

                                                  20 to 25 chapters

4. Single teaching method

Educational psychologists provide the greatest fact, all children are not alike. It is an admittable fact all over the world. Some students are intelligent, some are less intelligent and 50% are below-average students. The reality is 85% of students are pushed back by intelligent students and teachers. They only work as roll no. in a classroom. They are neglected by teachers and also rebuked by parents. Nobody wants to know, they have a need for some special attention. They are considered to play a key role to generate business for private schools. The data is 57% of students get private school education in India. It is more than other countries like China and USA. Exams Preparation – Top 5 reasons for low Scoring and Solutions

          India             57%
          China              20%
          USA              10%

5. Increase family’s expensive

There is no doubt getting an education is becoming more costly day- to day. As parents want to send their wards to private institutions. These institutions reap a good harvest of parents’ wishes. How do parents arrange for it? Does nobody have an interest? Indian parents have spent 46% of their income on children’s education. Even India is not a rich country. The parents are always in fix. Their children would be able to get a job! Because competition is becoming very hard day–by–day in each sector. There is a need to clear a competitive exam for admission or a job. It raises the expense of parents each year. Indian parents spend money on their children’s education as :

   India               46%
          China                33%
          USA                43%

Increase Unemployment

Unemployment among educated youth is more than among uneducated youth. It clears when a Ph.D., Mphil, MA, BA, and Bsc applied for a peon’s vacancy in a government institution. In India, there is a tea stall in Delhi –MBA chee wala. What type of scene is presented by Indian education? It shows that it has no value. Unemployment is the reason for various types of crimes and social evils. On the other hand, education must help to minimize the rate of unemployment. The Indian education system is the largest system in the world but its ranking value is 32 in the world. Many small countries have better education systems than India. Therefore Indian education increase unemployment continuously. This data for 2020 -2021 How can you become a Rich Person?

India 28.26%
USA 3.7%
China 19.9%

7. The new definition of education should be as – ‘Education must have maternal power to develop – discovered potential- at the top level of a learner’

8. How can India update it?

Answer: I have designed a teaching methodology for schools.

After 20 years of studying and teaching students, I find out the demerits of our teaching method and the style of editing syllabus books. I want to share the features of this project,’ Development of Talent’. It is easily applied in all types of schools.

1. It is very simple, and convincible for teachers, students, and parents.

2. It will helpful equally for the government and private sector.

3. It will helpful for Intelligent and less intelligent students. As Indian schools have no separate arrangement for weak students.

4. It will help to understand lessons and eliminate rote learning.

5. It will help teachers and parents to develop students’ talents.

6. It will be report card friendly.

7. It will lessen the writing task.Top 15 Data Science Courses

8. It will help to groom students’ personalities.

9. It will help to redesign parents’ expectations.

10. It will help to redefine the definition of education.