Preparation for exams is like a sour candy that is tasted by each student. Even not many students want to taste but are compulsion. All you want good marks. Your worries revolve around exams when it comes near. You try to find out the shortcut methods for an excellent result. Your attentions have value because good marks help you to get jobs. Preparation for exams is a whole year process not for someday. But our study system focus on writing or cramming. Students get less time for excellent learning or self-study. But you should categorize all reasons so that you can recognize your weakness and grid up to solve your problem.








External reasons

External reasons mean distraction. Your syllabus looks like a TV screen. When you watch your favorite show. What you see the most – all the corners of your TV screen occupied by advertisements. At the bottom. You can see – fleshing news. How can you enjoy your favorite show? Because there is a number of interruptions like as – you find difficult during the study because of the bundle of reasons. You can count on your wishes. Nothing is Impossible

A touch screen mobile phone branded dress, an attractive accessory, fun with friends, a girl or boyfriend for dating, and more than 80 percent of students feel annoyed with studying due to these distractions. You want an independent life without restriction. Discipline likes a jail. Restrictions like to admit. The struggle between – being an ambitious teen and a serious and responsible student very unwanted truth. That improves as the external reason for fewer marks in exams.


Internal reasons define your privacy. That secret – you never share with your parents. The time of school education is reversibly important. As you are growing physically, many ups and downs come into your mood. These swinging moods attack your life goals mercilessly. The dream of a prince or princess forbids you to get out of bed. Dreaming of a lovely, sexual, and happy life gives you pleasure. The idea to get married stings your study time like a poisonous snake bite. It is the most dangerous time period of your life.

When you neglect to study and keep a close touch with your irrelevant dream. It is difficult for you to develop a difference between – what is necessary? Sex or Study! Prince/Princess or Career! If you want to get good marks in your exams – start to focus on your books. Try to develop control over your emotions. Internal reasons are in your hands. Your parents and teachers always warn you. What is right for you? Try to negotiate with your emotions. If you are feeling dissatisfied shoot me an email for counseling. How can Study and Skill Make You a Talented Professional?


As the school is varied in its standard. These keep different with teachers, syllabi, and teaching aids. These are reasons for low grading. Even competition for common entrance tests is equal for each candidate. Knowledge of teachers and teaching styles always affects students’ marks. It slows down students learning. As a result, students spoil badly.

Subject’s Difficulty:- Another cause is understanding the difficult subject. All students are not alike. Some enjoy reading and learning history, and some like mathematics, science, art, and a particular language. Sometimes only one subject is the reason for poor performance. It happens with ninety percent of students. Because parents force their children to admit to a particular board of schools. It shows the social standard of families. But children feel stressed with those difficult books or learning systems.

Linguistic Reasons

The truth is – education can never imagine without language. It is the main component that makes learners intelligent. Learning in a native language is easy. But difficult in a non-native language. Learning in the mother tongue saves time and money. But learning by non-native language is not only expensive but time-consuming also. In developing and poor countries – education is given through an international language – English. Because to follow the purpose of progress. These countries provide fewer opportunities for employment. But it affects the result of students. As all students are not equally intelligent.

Family Reasons

Family is the basic support for each child. Financial condition plays an important role in getting an education. Parents try to make the best arrangement for their children. But universal truth cannot ignore. Our society has been divided into different groups. Rich people, middle-class people, and poor people. So sometimes children of rich families are weak, on the other hand, children of the middle class and poor families are intelligent. But lack of money is the reason for low grades.

Solution for Remarkable Results

As a student, you should recognize what are the common reasons for your weak performance. If you want to improve your grades like a website and YouTube channel for indexing in Google searches, you should find external reasons and follow the rules of discipline. Top 10 Features of Discipline

Internal reasons are more harmful than external reasons. As a teenager, you are distracted by the dazzling world. Develop a solid belief – you can enter this charming world by working hard. 

Solutions for Classroom reasons

Classroom reasons have universal solutions – online learning. If you feel difficult to understand your teacher or subject. You can choose the way and get rid of the problem. You can also solve your linguistic problem with the help of a YouTube channel. Family reasons are not in your hands. But you can work hard and enter the competitive world. If you are determined, nobody can stop you from improving your grades. Commitment helps in the achievement