The antonym of rich is poor. That is not liked by anyone. Nobody wants to live in poverty. Having much material and wealth is a sign of richness. We all love the good and fine situation. All our intentions revolve around increasing our income. It is considered that it brings happiness. It is an acceptable argument; money helps to solve many problems of daily life. As the world has changed. The requirement for money is increasing. Because the necessities of a common person are getting a new form.

The days have gone by when the basic needs of a person could be easily counted on the fingertips. Food, shelter, and clothes. Now the range of necessities is increasing day by day. A good house to live in, a variety of food, branded garments, a gym for fitness, medical insurance, education, money for celebrating special occasions, a smartphone, a laptop, internet connectivity, a personal vehicle, etc are the primary requirement. These basic needs provide a middle-class standard of living in society.

  • Changes change mind setup
  • Control over daydreaming
  • Aspiration of teens
  • Steps to follow to be rich

Changes, change mindset up – As the changes are occurring in a social environment. The mindset of each individual gets a chance. Each individual wants to be a rich person. To get money is the main purpose of everyone’s life. But richness longs for your active participation in this world. Your wish for money is relevant because money is always in demand. Even money has its own rules. 1st it checks that the aspirant has knowledge of his talent or skill. Because money demands skill and you are the only single person who keeps knowledge about yourself. What type of work do you like to do? It depends on your personal interest. For the solution to the first condition; there are many websites and youtube channels that can help you. What is the Stress and removal method?

Even some times family or a teacher tells you about your potential in the form of – you are right and wrong. You should decide how can you look at yourself in the future – as a doctor, a software engineer, a hardware engineer, a player, a scientist, a digital expert, a teacher, a businessman, a writer, an actor, a producer,  a publisher, etc. It depends upon your choice or interest. But it is your first step, it should according to your interest and decide carefully. It works as the primary education that needs to get increased educational qualification for a student. 

Control over daydreaming – When you make a plan to become rich and think as if you are a special personality then daydreaming chase you. It disturbs your mind day and night. You always keep yourself busy with how you will look when you get a specific position in your desiring sector of work or business. Daydreaming is a sharp knife that leads you to non-productive activities and you waste much time indulging in fantasy for the future. Nightmare harms you indirectly and stops you from working hard. Suppose you get a resolution to be a chef and want to get handsome money.

What should you do? Definitely, a number of dishes come into your mind and you know you can cook or bake. But you never try to go into the kitchen. What are the results? you have overconfident, you can do it. In fact, you are lazy or want to spend your time in build castles in the air. So the way is to get rid of daydreaming – go in the kitchen. It is time to cook a recipe and serve the family members and friends. Try to receive their reactions and objections. Be polite and never feel discouraged. Put your all energy into your favorite work. It will help you to make a skilled person like the owner of KFC.

He was born on September 9, 1890, in Henryville, Indiana. His name was Colonel Harland Sanders.  His father died when he was only six years old. At an early age, he did different types of jobs. He learned enough experience due to the burden of his younger brother and sister on his shoulders. Sometimes he got depressed doing different jobs. He started selling chicken in a service station. He advertised it himself. You will get shocked when you know- his recipe was rejected more than a thousand times. But he was never discouraged and do his work continuously. Now it is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world in 150 countries. He faced many hardships and became a rich personality. 

Aspiration of Teens – An ambitious girl who is studying in 9th class – told me. How does she surf the internet about the young rich person? She has enough knowledge about – how much money they have, what type of their lifestyle, how they spend too much money, etc. It is good to keep knowledge. Most teens do as and are impressed. But they do not know they are hammering their ability. If you try to know how they enable to earn so much money and follow their steps. Efforts Make a Man Mentally Strong

It will be more useful than getting shocking, It will not make you lazy. As a student of mine dreams for; may sir Ratan Tata Owner of tata industry -adopt me as his heir. Some idle boys and girls want to get married to an influence and a wealthy family. Because they have a dream to be rich. They believe in Doromon [ cartoon series] gadgets to be a rich person. But the rule of richness – demands your active and sincere participation in life except for daydreaming.

Rules of money – Your active physical participation, mental presentation, foresightedness, dedication, some investment, courage for social reactions are the basic requirements. If you have determined to be rich – you should follow these steps carefully.

  • Find your interest.
  • Fix a target.
  • Always think in the favour of your target.
  • Develop a routine for doing work.
  • Set up your time off work.
  • Face initial problems and social unwanted behavior.
  • Never wait for a magic time.
  • Start work as early as possible.
  • Learn how can you convert your inability into ability.
  • Never sit idle.
  • Use the internet for your focused purpose.
  •  Divide your goal into short-term goals.