We are human and have various types of emotions like – happiness, love, anger, fear, jealousy, etc. These emotions play a vital role in one’s life. Sometimes these give great pleasure and many times these emotions become the reason for the sadness that leads to stress or depression. Depression is a state of mind when a person thinks about one’s problems in which many prohibitions and obstacles occur. These are some knotty and not produce the desired output. These bring sadness, anger, and frustration. Joy and happiness get the state as – remind me of later during stress. 

Cause for Stress 


Continuous failure

Ill health or disease

Break up, divorce, annoying relationship

Debt, unemployment

Low ranking in family

Fear of boss

Unplugging with internet  

Natural disasters or man-created problems

The cause of stress cannot count because intentions to satisfy desires are listless. Nobody has got hundred percent satisfaction in one’s life. Ups and downs are an integral part of everybody’s lives.

Life is a mixture of sorrows and joys that give pains and pleasures respectively. It is also a struggle against unfavorable situations. We have necessities. These produce unadjustable and immovable circumstances. Top 10 Tips for Reducing Study Stress The degree of thinking level about a problem increases and takes the form of sadness that makes life disagreeable. You become prey to stress. It become the cause of many diseases-

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes.
  • Menstrual problems
  • Drugs addiction
  • Obesity etc

Stress also becomes the cause of self-invited diseases. On the other hand, many diseases become the cause of depression in the family –cancer, aids, mental disorder, kidney failure, etc.

Popular therapies for stress relieving

There are different types of therapies suggested by experts to get rid of stress. The trend for enrolling in therapies is growing day to day. These common ways help to lessen the worries and help to take part to make a busy schedule. These improve mental health. Yoga, acupuncture, meditation, massage, aerobics, dancing, joining a laughing club, aromatherapy,  learning of art and craft, etc. Top 7 Benefits of Positive Attitude

The users of these therapies are increasing as they feel the method for getting rid of stress. These help to improve mental health and produce energy to face problems. There are different variables for making access – online and offline. Consultants also help you to suggest a number of ways to solve your problem. You can select services as you have been convinced.

How does motivation help to reduce stress?

Motivation is the most common, popular, and less expensive therapy. It activates the frozen energies of a worried person. Lack of inspiration has become the reason for anxiety. A worried person thinks about problems and hurdles. Motivation helps him to encourage to find out the solution. The old concept was cultivated among people – only students have to need motivation so that they can set their goals and achieve them. Today’s philosophy tells that motivation is the basic requirement from the era of early man’s life.

An early man who lived in the forest, hunting to fill his belly and living in caves. He also got the motivation and started to grow grains to make their shelter for permanent residents. Motivation helped him to solve his problems. Gradually he learned against uneven situations. Today we live in a civilized world that is the result of inspiration. Think over it, if he got worried and stayed in caves due to fear, leaned against a big tree for protection – can he make so much progress? The present-day we live in metropolitan cities and well-cultured societies because he never made any compromises with uneven conditions. How can you become a Rich Person?


As a villager young man, Satvir Singh started a business to trade potatoes. He dreamed of earning a lot of money as he was unable to satisfy his family’s necessities. He wanted to enroll his children in a modal school. His decision was quite good according to his financial situation. But he has no experience in the trade as he was a son of a farmer. Rules of the market, competition, and cheating. He was an innocent person. He sent some truck of potatoes to the Mumbai market that was bought from his known villagers farmers. But he did not earn any money because his partner cheated on him.

The Cheating disturbed him a lot. What could he do? No way to escape to pay the money of his well-known villagers. He worried. He decides to commit suicide but his affection for his children and his wife never allowed him to do so. Finally, he decided to fly away from the village because he was unable to pay his debts. He sent his wife and children to her parents. He went to Delhi. It was four hundred kilometers away from his village. He started to search for work so that he could earn bread. As he was not known about the cheating tricks of clever people in the big city. He was an innocent, village boy. At last, he found a job at a furniture shop.

Debt and unemployment

He thanked God for the work. He indulged himself in work honestly. Passing after two years – the owner was impressed by his loyalty. He gave him more responsibilities. He got a good chance to be skilled in wooden work. He started to earn handsome money. Now he could start to send money to his wife. As he got some knowledge about work – he started his own business. Earnings were going to increase.

He settled in Chandigarh with his family. He paid his all debts in some years. He is living a happy life. Can he solve the problem if he is worried and stayed inside the home? It is the way to get rid of worries. He followed the rule – to be better. Motivation helps him to melt his frozen energies. If you are facing the problem of stress, never make a compromise with unfavorable situations- read the motivation blog Reading Books – Lead to Successs, on this website.

New methods to face the problem of stress?

As reasons are varied for stress. There are a number of solutions that are popular in the world. It depends on your thinking and availability. Shouting, crying, weeping, repenting, and quarreling with each other are not the solutions. He/she who faced pressure wants to express his/her feelings because suffocation with situations and views disturbed a lot. Find another way –  you want to share your problem. Join a speaking class. There will be a number of platforms in your city. But Toast Masters is a public speaking platform that you can join – online and offline. It will help you to share your views and help you to think of new solutions for your old problems. This activity will make you mentally strong as joining a gym assists you to make your body strong. Smart Parenting- 6 Tips for Teen Parents to Guide Them