Teen parents get irritated when their teen sons and daughters make their activities against their will. The graph of teens’ problems and their parents incredibly increases. Wishes and aspirations of children and parents have rarely got a combination. The habit of teens including surfing the internet is becoming abused according to parents. When teens start to get an attractive grooming physical look, parents feel happy. But they get worried about extravagant money. These unmatched thoughts of parents and teens cultivate irrelevant situations at home. That occurs a need to understand the situation and try to make a balance for a healthy home environment. Parents can guide them. Here are some tips that need to follow

To solve the complexity of physical growths.

Recognize teen’s dream power

Train them to control their emotions

Recognize the combination of teens and technology.

Fitness- Health is Wealth

Never Repeat their weaknesses

To Solve the Complexity Of Physical Change

Physical changes disturb a lot of a growing child. When a child starts the journey from childhood to adolescence. They start to act or react according to their emotions in their social environment. Parents should talk with their teens frankly. They want to know more and enjoy. They have different types of questions about physical changes. The complexity of their emotions hammer’s their confidence. They try to search on the Internet. But they get misled especially about the need for the support of parents.

A mother can prepare her daughter for these questions before menstruation – what are the periods? How do these start? How can agree to tell her situation to her teacher during school time and ask her for help? How can she tell her father in the absence of her mother? The relevant answer to these questions develops confidence in girls. And prepare them to face natural problems.


All human beings have dreams for a better life. Age has not to matter. Today’s children have more dreams than in the past century teen’s. There is nothing incorrect or irrelevant. All the development of civilization that we are enjoying – is a product of dreams. But the dreams of teens are absolutely different from other age groups people.

Their dreams make them lazy or active. They may keep them unproductive or productive activities. This type of situation has demanded the supervision of parents. Parents should make a friendly approach to lead them and try to know what they think. What do they want? Parents should help them to make an action plan. Guide them to learn any skill along with their studies. Learning skills help them to be more organized and focused person. It will assist them in the future.


Tiring ‘ word’ is developing a new type of culture that reduces work energy. Most teens say to their parents – ‘I am tired. Because of seven or eight hours of school. Writing homework or tuition for two or three hours. Watching T.V. or YouTube for unlimited hours. Really they are getting tired. They usually refused to do any work that is different from these regular activities. Because they are not physically worn out. This fatigue is emotional or mental. They feel sleepy.

parents should know what is their positive thought or what are negative. Negative thoughts never can delete with a single piece of advice like deleting all necessary material from your mobile phone or laptop. It is the parent’s first duty to train them on how can they control their interest or hobby except for the using word tiring. But parents do have not time for their adolescence. They can book an online or offline solution for their growing children. So that emotional energy can be channelized. Top 10 Features of Discipline


Once I and my teen boy were in the hospital for the treatment of my mother-in-law. She was old as she was suffering the pain of needles. My son was feeling bad and thinking of another injection. An old person and injection what an improper method! He suggested to the doctor, that should we invent another method of treatment. The doctor questioned him what will be?’’ He gave his idea. The doctor got surprised ‘’What an excellent idea’’. Here is a requirement to develop an injecting machine. It improves teens’ advanced technological minds. Parents have to need to ask them and also encourage them to implement their ideas. It will help them to use their work energy. They can achieve a new horizon.


Teens enjoy building castles in the air. They think about the future, enjoyable life. They imagine the full life is like a dream. They start to chase, first. They try to develop a keen interest in the opposite gender. They believe in showing off to attract them. They hardly focus on their studies. But It is time to learn more as they are untrained to control their extra useless ideas on thoughts. Tell them to set their goals and planned some activities for them to achieve. So that they feel encouraged to do it. Determination never occurs in one’s mind in a single day. It demands daily a regular schedule. They can realize views and work hard to help to be a determined person.


It is a well-known common saying. Everybody knows a healthy person can collect wealth. All countries promote sports activities along with formal education. Today’s teens glue with their seats at home. They watch TV or mobile for unlimited hours. They like fast food – that is known as junk food. Only parents can help them to take part in sports activities in schools. Or nearby the playground of their homes. Joining sports activities does not mean being a player. Because all teens or their parents do not want it. To fulfill the purpose of a healthy body, have a healthy mind. In the present day – fitness is the top-ranked motive for each individual. Sports activities not only provide shape to one’s body but develop mental smartness. Improve the qualities of your sports


Habitually most parents think their children are less productive than their neighbor’s and relatives’ children. The psychologist has improved all children are not. They have different interests and different ways of thinking. But parents always compare their teen’s habits and result with other children. They count their weaknesses and repeat again and again and rebuke them. When your child passes through these critical or growing years. Find out their plus points and help them to improve their qualities. So they can feel their parents are supporting them. You should guide them to give up bad company and bad habits. Because these harm their future. If you feel discomfort guide your teen. You can seek online and offline help.