Nobody wants to like remain an average person. As each individual has inborn qualities that helps like a filament. If an individual has to the quality for sports. It is necessary to focus on the development of his/her natural qualities. Because there is a difference between existing and acquired features. Inborn elements help to shine like Sun that never fades its glory. The person who has the characteristic – to be an extraordinary sportsman/woman gets excited by the national and international achievements of other great and successful persons. Winners of the Olympic games help to arouse interest in sports. It shakes the spirit of athletics in children as well as youth. It gives the energy to win. Many players get motivation from athletes. When an athlete wins in Olympics, becomes the modal for struggling players. Nothing is Impossible

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Neeraj Chopra – Gold Medal Winner

His Achievement

Army Job

The Reward for Neeraj Chora

Hindi Movie

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal Winner

Neeraj Chopra won a Gold medal (Tokyo Olympics 2021) in the Javelin throw. He became proud of India. He is 23 years old, a youngster who made history by winning a gold medal. Neeraj Chopra was born in the village Khandra, on 24 December 1997 in Panipat, Haryana, India. He belongs to a farmer’s family. At the age of twelve, he went to the stadium for practice. His keenness was recognized by coach Jai Choudary for the Javelin throw. But his parents asked him to focus on his studies. He kept his studies continuing along with the game. He got graduated degree from DAV college in Chandigarh and a Bachelor of Arts from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab.

His Achievements

He made a keen request to his parents to take part actively in games and started training in Panipat. His journey to winning started under the supervision of his coach Naseem Ahmed in Panchkula. He trained him for long-running distance and Javelin throw. Top 6 Tips for Parents to Understand their Children

He won many state-level championships in his early stage. He got much improvement in his talent under the supervision and training of Ume Hohn, Gary Calvert, and Werner Daniels. He impressed his trainers and spectators by winning many National and International tournaments.

Army Job

He joined the Indian Army in 2016 under the sports quota. His spirit of learning made him a more disciplined person. It was an astonishing event when he got the rank of Naib Subedar. He also got a selection for the Mission Olympic wing. He got training at Army Sports Institute in Pune, His courage, bravery, and discipline is his personality trait in Army. He got injured his elbow in 2019. He worried about the Olympics. He asked his doctor,’ how much time will it take to recover? His doctor ensured him, that it will be quite easy. He will come back for his daily routine after rest. Then, the day has come 7 August 2021. He won the gold medal. He came back to India as an Olympic winner. How can students Celebrate Christmas Day by Fun way?

The reward for Neeraj Chopra

When he came back to India, I was reading the biography of Nepolone Bonaparte, who was a brilliant commander and ruler of France. One thing that impressed me, the most is that – The Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte is situated in the school where he studied. A few days later, an evening- the news was flashing on TV – A statue of Neeraj Chopra will be situated at World famous Lovely Professional University. Neeraj Chopra will be coming for its inauguration. What am I hearing? I have no idea, the same event is going to take place in my country. The news gave me untold pleasure.

Motivation for Students

The institute has improved how it makes honors its winning students. This event also leads thousands of learners to get special achievements. A nine-year-old student of mine has the qualities for sports. I regularly noticed how he is different than other children. I suggested his parents take care of his talent. He needs a coach. Without any delay, they should make a good arrangement for him. So that he will become a sports star. And I also say them to watch the Hindi movie Dangal. It is essential for you to watch this movie. Because there is a much need for parents’ support for the development of a child’s sports talent. we learn from this movie. How can Study and Skill Make You a Talented Professional?

Hindi Movie Dangal

How Mahavir Singh Fogat trained his daughters when he knew about their wrestling talent. He himself was a national champion of wrestling. He wanted to win a gold medal in the International games. But his father rebuked him to give up wrestling and search for a job to support his family. Then he dreamed about his unborn son who would become an international champion. On the contrary, he was blessed with three daughters and felt hopeless. He felt miserable as his dream will not be fulfilled. Accidentally, one day, like a shining of thundering light raised his hopes again.

His two elder daughters have beaten two boys harshly teasing them. The parents of those boys came to Mahavir Singh Fogat’s place for a complaint. He begged for an apology at that time. On the other hand, he gets up confidently from his seat and asked their daughters to show him the trailer “how did they beat the boys?” The girls reveal their talent for wrestling in a few moments to his father. At that time, he made an important decision. He will train his daughters
 Geeta Fogat & Babita Fogat for wrestling.

Achievement – Gita Fogat

When girls showed their interest in wrestling. He resigned from his job to help them. He faced many odds in society, especially in a village. It was a very difficult task to put girls in the field of wrestling. Villagers made many comments about them. But they stay for their fixed goal. Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat won many matches in his locality to wrestle with boys. Gita Fogat wins the gold medal in the Common Wealth Games. But the girls as well as his father faced many social unevenness and obstacles. When any person watches this movie understands reality easily and learns how can boys and girls perform equally. If parents pay attention to the development of their children’s sports talents. Commitment helps in the achievement