Creative Leaders Making the Impossible Possible

Napoleon Bonaparte

A brilliant emperor and efficient military commander – Napoleon Bonaparte said, ‘Impossible is a word to be found in the dictionary of fools. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 in Ajaccio, an island of Corsica. He was the second child of Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Romalins Bonaparte. He was brilliant and gifted with the capability of attacking rivalries by nature. His parents were not wealthy but they sent him to army school at the age of ten. Because they had recognized his talent. Napoleon improved his brilliance during his school years. His teachers loved him and were impressed by his alertness. His classmates commented to him that he did not belong to a royal or rich family. But he was fully devoted and determined toward his practice. He passed his graduation at the age of fifteen.

Achievement of Napoleon Bonaparte

He became the second lieutenant in the artillery. He had got a chance to show his ability as a warrior, and as an ally of Italy, and fought against Austria. It was his first victory. Hence, his skillfulness was recognized in the first military campaign. After the victory of the Italian army, he was welcomed by the people warmly as a hero. He fought a series of battles and won. Then he became a reputed personality in France. He had improved himself as a well-trained warrior of the world. His military conquests not showed only his ability to fight bravely but also made him a loyal leader. The poverty-stricken and unsatisfied population of France wanted him, as their leader. Because they were teased by rulers for centuries. Top 3 Scholarship Tests for International Students

A foresighted Political Leader

A ray of hope for economic prosperity and social equality rose in their hearts. According to the longings of people, he had improved himself as an efficient military commander as well as a foresighted political leader. He knew how to make the best use of the opportunity. Undoubtedly Europe was trembling from his growing popularity and power. In 1799, he seized political power and became the first counsel of France and later he crowned himself. He initiated the journey of his political life by making many reforms. As the public of the nation longed for. Education for all and the removal of unemployment was the first and foremost starting of his reforms. Indeed he knew, it was the main cause of the decline of France in Europe.

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Legal Gift to France

He also cared for the advancement of science, art, and literature. He focused on the formula – to leave no stone unturned for the development of the nation. His precious gift for his citizens was the Napoleonic code. It was carried out by him as fundamental liberal policies, based on liberty in France and western Europe. It was his legal and prestigious achievement. He ruled over France for about fifteen years successfully. So target at possibilities is not only for the betterment of your own life but to serve a great purpose to solve the problems of suffering humanity. Gift-giving is meaningful

Target for Possibilities

People are passing through a critical time period with their ambitions. Ambitions produce in huge frequency. These are not getting flourished by small efforts. The dashboard of smooth life is getting spoiled.  Obviously, tensions and worries are crushing creativity. Worries hurt imagination attitude. Blockage of imagination and negativity destroys creativity and novelty. Creativity and tightness of mind have been tied up by negative relationships. Then stress leads to impossibilities. Even hopefulness and positivity of mind show the way of possibilities. These revolve around the core problem. Enthusiastically, you receive a solution to the complicated trouble. Sometimes novelty comes and changes all the circumstances. It is a natural process. If an individual tries to find out an adequate answer. No problem remained unsolved which shows everything is possible.

Develop a relationship with your potential

Potential is a natural gift. It demands development to a great extent. Education and skillfulness help to meet the requirements. It needs the expansion of capabilities. Formal education trains you to fight your financial lowness whereas informal or non-formal education assists you in many ways. Non-formal education means satisfying the thirst of getting knowledge because some people want to know more and more. So you need to develop a relationship with your potential. We forced ourselves and our children to get formal education where procrastination and spending most of our time in irrelevant activities by each learner. It makes a difference between talent and desire. The innate capabilities remained undeveloped. It never creates a superior and satisfactory relationship with your dreams. Do Fun /Use your Natural Potential

Deal With Irregular Habits

Your irregular habits and unmatched feelings affect your educational and social traits. There is more demand to develop original talent and newness. As our political, social, economic, health and education sectors have become prey to disloyalty. The first reason is the lack of commitment among men and women. Commitment is the quality of an individual that helps them to come off with flying colors. Always be aware of procrastination. This habit scaled down your work capacity. It becomes the main reason for your downfall. Earned prosperity and mental contentment is not the task of the left hand. It needs the presence of mind, ready hands for work, and the desire to diagnose more. It leads you to create an adequate connection with your potential.

A combination of imagination and attitude

The human brain is a fertile soil where the seed of possibilities can sow. To see probabilities depend upon one’s attitude – what do you like to find out? It has neither boundaries nor limitations. It challenges human thinking. Human beings use their attitude along with the wonderful power of imagination. It is known as the development of civilization. We live in an internet-connected world where imagination and attitude are obtaining an advanced shape.

Novelty is admirable. New brains are leading new inventions and discoveries. A seven years old Brazilian girl Nicole Oliveira has discovered seven asteroids and become the youngest astronaut. She has interested in stars when she was a kid. Often she chose a star toy. She has used Asteroid Hunt Citizen Science Program. Nicole’s participation led to the discovery of seven asteroids. She joined it at the age of six. She attended all the classes and prepared for exams. Top 7 Benefits of Positive Attitude

Achievements of The Youngest Astronaut

She has started her YouTube channel with her three other friends. She presented lectures in her school. Brazilian ministry invited her as she is the youngest member of the Alagoas Astronomical Studies Center. The achievement of the little girl shows that the internet is providing extraordinary opportunities to learners. If you have connected with this world.  You can show your interest and fulfill your desire. You can help others in different ways. There is a considerable range of competitive exams where you can perform according to your keenness. You can enroll in these competitive exams as your favorite subject. 

Types of tests

  • International Science Olympiad
  • International Mathematics Olympiad
  • English International Olympiad
  • International Computer Olympiad
  • International Drawing Olympiad
  • G.K international Olympiad
  • National Essay Olympiad  
  • National Social Study Olympiad 

These tests help to discover the innate and true potential of learners and provide masters-level knowledge at the youngest age. Exams Preparation – Top 5 reasons for low Scoring and Solutions