Attitude is a way of thinking and expressing one’s behavior of an individual. It helps to create one’s life. What does he/she think? Because two categories of thinking are categorized positive and negative. It develops a personality like a winner or a loser respectively. These two types of thinking play a crucial role in one’s life. It also determines one’s beliefs and trust. A person spends many important years of his life setting his/her attitude. He learned by trial and error method. Because positivity of mind is not an informed quality. It can gain through continuous practice by giving instant instructions to keep oneself strict discipline. Then a person learns how can he convert the formal situation into non–formal. He must aware of a negative agent of the mind. These are defined as –

1. Positivity – helps to get rid of fear

Fear is a feeling to avoid taking any type of risk in life. If you are planning for your future carrier or business. You get your goal easily. Normally as a human being, you fear. What will happen? It is absolutely true – fear is the invention of negativity. Then you start to count the demerits of your planning. How it will fail you? It will scratch your mind again and again. Therefore you give up to make efforts. Because fear, confirm your failure. Ninety percent persons of the world fail in their business due to fear. They always think about the dark side of the aspect of their goal. But the positivity of your mind helps you to make efforts to achieve your goal. Nothing is Impossible

2. Positivity-helps to log in by the action

Actions and work have a quality merit that brings the crown of success. Not many human tendencies are inborn or oriented. Inborn traits are known as natural potential. But a number of tendencies can be developed by you. Your interest and consistency in work or practice are signs of your positivity. Your beliefs for life are true. These have been cultivated by various types of agencies and special agents like family, teachers, neighbors, boss, and monitor, The behavior of these agents and agencies influence your attitude. What type of behavior do you accept and adopt? It shows your attitude also. If you think in the favour of your goals and make efforts to reach your destination. You have a positive attitude. It provides you a platform to log in through your action. You become skilled and start a journey to be perfect in your working sector.

3. Positive attitude –uplift your social superiority

Civilization shows-human beings are always fighting against the odds of its life for centuries. It is a never-ending process that proves its positive attitude. The evaluation of human civilization totally revolves around getting social superiority. Nobody wants to live with a few amenities. Each individual wants to get to live a socially first-class life. As you have a short span of life but a great chance to integrate your personality with a positive attitude. It also helps you to be a high-minded person. Your moral values develop a spirit for improvement. All the improvements around you – are the result of the improvement of one’s personality. These also help you to uplift your supremacy. Luck and Success

Positive Thinking – A way forward

4. Positive attitude – deal with discouragement

No doubt, you can count successful persons at your fingertips easily. They are history creators. Nevertheless, have your knowledge of those persons who get failure in their life. You should make a sincere investigation-Why do they fail? Discouragement! Discouragement is a dose of that pills which brings hopelessness. The losers also make efforts yet their lack of courage disappoints them and they accept failure. Discouragement is that part of one’s attitude that breaks the backbone of one’s goal. However, the positivity of the mind helps to deal with pessimism or confusion. A great philosopher, politician, and teacher of India –Chayka said – Replan your goal.

5. Positive attitude –enable competition

Competition teaches you to run in the race for success. Success is the heartiest desire of all. It demands a number of developed habits along with a positive attitude. If you start to compete with your rivals and think the opposition is strong and more hard-working. It is a sign of your negative attitude. As you are feeling unable to face the challenge. First, you should need to develop the personality trait – think positively. Plan your goal in short-term goals consciously. You will get confidence by performing or doing your task. It develops a positive attitude and also helps you to make fully focus on the target. The need for a positive attitude in all stages of life during school or college, job, business, society, etc. Be positive and accept challenges. Top 10 Tips for Reducing Study Stress

6. Cultivate smartness

Success and smartness have a firm correlation. The young generation is crazy for smartness and success. Do you think how smartness has a deep concern with a positive attitude and positivity of mind provides an act of work? An aspirant set up his/her mind and body alert to do things in time properly. You will never miss the exercise and focus on your eating habits. It lessens stress. You feel free to do purposeful work. Even worries are the reason for many diseases. The activeness of mind and body helps you to get rid of worries. Relaxation gives you fresh energy for doing things in order. Delete all the weaknesses step by step. A positive attitude proves beneficial for health too.

7. Nature connective

Positive values of mind help to develop a reasonable connection with nature. Because you do all things in time and try to go outside for freshness. You learn many things from nature. As it is the best teacher itself. The chipping of birds rustling of leaves, and the rising sun bring a message to think positively. Experience with nature never goes in vain. It is full of habitat that gives direction to your motive like the wright brothers. The flight of birds impressed them and they get a meaningful purpose in life. They would be able to change the means of travel for people. They invented aeroplanes because traveling by ships and boats was full of dangers. Keep Earth Clean and Green- Save Environment