Study stress has become a serious problem among students. Because studying is necessary for the brightest career. It is also required for the development of a personality as well as civilization. But it is getting a form of stress among students because cutthroat competition is everywhere. Each individual wants to get scores. It is the worry of all school-going students and college/university students. A single way of studying by cramming books become the reason for stress. Then, students decide to make distance themselves from their studies hopelessly. Many times they search for methods for leaving the study. But it is not easy. So that I suggest some methods for reducing study stress:

•      Time Management

•      Less use of social media

•      Find a companion for learning

•      Aiming at improving result

•      Arrangement for coaching classes

•      Meditation

•      Use  Edu-tech methods for learning

•      Never study like flashing news

•      Discipline

•      Determination

Time Management

Time management is a key factor in students’ life. A student has a full year for studying books and syllabi. It is enough for learning and practice. But lack of proper time management makes stressed them. When the time for exams comes near and near. They start to learn the whole book in the last month of exams. But it is not possible. You can read the book, not learn and revise all concepts definitions, and details. Exams demands revision – do not worry. Those students who get above ninety percent. They revise continuously the whole year. They follow the rule of time management. It provides you with proper time for learning each subject and also amusement. Career Courses after 12th

Less use of social sites

Social sites are very popular among students. They always keep in close contact with friends through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. I call it the main distraction for students that be the reason for study stress. As they are addicted to these sites and never focus on their studies. I never oppose the use of these sites. But students spend a particular fixed time of the day. Always remain online, you waste your time with non-fertile activities. You take it as the pleasure that becomes the reason for study stress. Especially on the nearest days of exams. You should ask a question yourself, “Why do I waste too much time?” The reasonable answers, you will get if you are loyal towards yourself.

Find a companion for learning

Many students have a negative correlation with syllabi and books. They feel bored during their study. They face always difficult situations when they start revising their lessons. On the contrary, good scores or grades demand revising and memorizing the syllabus again and again. You can ask your friend to sit together and revise the lessons with the help of each other. You can test each other thoroughly by listening and writing. Mistakes can easily find out. It makes you more confident. Your classmate can help and understand you easily. As both of you have the same problem. What is the Stress and removal method?

Aiming at improving results

Improvement of results is a difficult task but not impossible. Your study stress always revolves around getting -90% marks. But you remain an average student. Stress increases and marks decrease. As for some subjects, you are not like to read that hammers your report card. But efforts help to bring brightness to your work. You should start practicing for those subjects daily that you do not like. Set a timetable for difficult subjects. No subject should not be ignored. You can arrange a teacher or online classes also. Your single attention should at aiming your result. It will help you to finish your study stress.

Arrangements for coaching classes

The present day is the day to perform intelligently. It does not matter in which field you are. In the life of the student, no one can win without practice. Studying as well as sports demands a high-quality dedication. A player needs a coach to polish his sports skill. A student who wants to study- needs a well-trained teacher who teaches all the measures for getting good grades that minimize study stress.


Meditation is a cumbersome activity. Not many students can adapt to it. Because their mindset is as – to get each thing in a quick manner like texting and picture sharing with their friends and relatives. No lesson in your books that teach you how to meditate yourself. How does meditation help in students’ life to collect energy for study? It also helps you channel your strengths to make a positive relationship with books and difficult subjects. Patience comes through it. Your emotional well-being can develop gradually. It deals with students’ common problems of anxiety, depression, tension, and obstinate habits. It produces peace of mind that helps you to think broadly to solve your problems.

Use Edu-tech Methods for Learning

Learning by cramming books is the talk of the past. In the 20th century, students cram books to solve the question of twenty marks. They get their annual report card with sixty percent marks. The present- methods of evaluation have changed. You get an objective type of test paper during exams. So you need to study all your syllabus books thoroughly. Each line of your lesson is important. Understanding all chapters helps you to get good scores. Educational technology has the multipurpose technique. It helps you to be excellent in your preparation for the examination. There is a number of learning platforms available. Exams Preparation – Top 5 reasons for low Scoring and Solutions

Never do a study like flashing news

There are many new trends gaining ground in media. Fast speaking has got some value. Everything is shown on the TV screen in flashes. The young generation follows these trends sharply. TV screens provide knowledge in the ratio of 100 news in 100 seconds. This way of reading news also alerts its audience. To be a good listener is a good thing. But in the matter of reading syllabus books in this manner will be not only harmful but a disaster also. You have noticed, your teachers speak very fast. You feel unable to understand and never like the subject. What does he/she teach? You like those teachers who discuss the pros and cons of each chapter. You need to study thoroughly your books to get remarkable scores.


Discipline means regularity, continuity, and consistency in your work. It is like an iron rod that you can use for yourself. Success is the slave of discipline. Developing rules for own self is more difficult than for others. It provides you relaxation because you do your all activities on time, especially in your student’s life. If you follow the rules of discipline – no stress can tease you and spoil your mood. Irritated habits come under control by discipline. It is a very simple adaptable method that you can use. Top 10 Features of Discipline


Images show the stress of students for studies. How do they overcome their stress problems and get determination?

There is no doubt, all people are full of worries, tension, and unhappiness. The complexity of the mind always be the reason for failure and confusion. Students’ minds abound with hundreds of aspirations. They want to develop an imaginary world. It is good for a healthy future. But only dreaming for the good, never helps you. Because it requires iron determination. Your determination helps you to focus on your aim. It also suggests different ways to solve your problems, when you start and find out the solutions. It lessens your worries and stress.