Social work and social worker are two terms that cannot depart from each other. Social work is a welfare type of work that involves providing help and advice to people who have financial and family problems.  A social worker is a person that gets training to help needy people. Young people can choose it as a career – to get paid or free. It depends on one’s desire and circumstances. A welfare worker helps to improve the lives of underprivileged children, women, and families. He promotes human rights. He is a public servant who plays an important role to deal with the daily life challenges of needy people. He becomes a messenger for those helpless people who are ignored by governments and society. He listens to their problems affectionately and ensures they solve them. He takes a resolve.

What is the requirement for a social worker?

As we know, society is getting more complex day by day and there is diversity not only by race, caste, and color, but also we diverse in needs, wishes, difficulties, and sorrows. The diversity among people’s needs – integration and unity that is cultivated by governments. There is a number of laws that ensures to all citizens are equal. These laws develop a sense against untouchability, gender, color creed, caste, etc.

Instead of these laws – society has classified into different categories – Rich, upper-middle-class, middle class, poor, and lower class. Two categories are well equipped with all types of facilities. Middle-class people would be able to dispose of their all necessities with, a well-planned budget. Financial problems are occurred but are solved by some available or timely solutions. Poor and those people who live under the poverty line have a bundle of problems. There is no provision for sufficient food, medicine, clothes, and shelter. They live in the backside of this dazzling world where they always wait for a ray of hope. Who will help them? Do Fun /Use your Natural Potential

What does a social worker do?

  A social worker is a person who comes and makes sure that he/she will help them. He/she will work to reduce their sorrows, sadness, or miseries. The poor and lower-class people have no access to education. So children‘s dropout rate is increasing in developing countries from schools for the purpose of earning bread. There are rare chances to improve their lives because education is a precious tool that helps to eradicate the roots of poverty. Unemployment teases them with a long-running hunger and homelessness. They feel unable to make an adequate approach for enough food, clothing, and medical care or treatment. Top 6 Tips for Parents to Understand their Children

So a social worker chooses his/her objective to provide care. He also selects a field in which will he work. Education, and medical care. These are two important areas that help the needy for living a good life. Educated children will get vocational training and will be earned to support themselves and their families. They can get timely medical care. It helps to increase the capacity for work among all aged groups of workers. It has lessened their financial stress. As they have no money to buy basic amenities. There are many reasons that demand social workers –

Immobility, and Mobility

Kailash Satyarthi

Act against child labor

Save Child Movement

Spread awareness for human rights


Social work as a career

 Immobility and mobility

Immobility and mobility are the opposite situations that affect a person’s economical conditions. Mobility helps to discover and check various other methods for earning and learning. As Europeans have the nature to move from one place to another. They left their native place in the search of a better option in life. They never compromise with their bad lack. On the other hand, people of Asian countries are habitually glued to the present condition. They have a strong belief in their elders’ lives. As they were lived and we should live as. It breaks forth a pause in progress. It weakens the working energy of a person. Top 5 Business Ideas

Kailash Satyarthi

Child labor is slander for a nation that demands a dedicated social worker like Kailash Satyarthi. He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is born on 11 January 1954 in a Hindu family in Vidisha, Madha Pradesh. His parents sent him to a model school for education. He has various types of questions for those children who were working with their parents in his surroundings. Why do they not go to school? Why do they work in shops at the age of schooling? His parents and teachers have no answer to these questions. On the first day of his school, he saw a child of his age polishing shoes with his father at the entrance gate of the school. This sight distributed him lost.

Act against Child Labor

He asked his teacher – why can that child enter the school. What answer did he receive? Nobody had a proper answer to his questions. He realized – they have no money to afford school. They are helpless and poor. His parents are unable to pay his fee, uniform, and books. He thought –he will solve their problem. He collected useless books from students and set up a book bank in his teenager for those children who want to learn. He was excited to help the needy. One day he attended a program on Gandhi Jayanti in which political and social leaders delivered their speeches about child labor and girls’ education and other social topics. He was impressed by those lectures. He started to help the poor children.  

Save Child Movement

He started to make an arrangement for the education of poor children. He did not like to tell their parents because his family did not like this type of help and his work. After some time his parents knew about his secret activities. So they abused and criticise him. He left his home and his family’s surname. Then he introduced himself to people such as Kailash Sataythi. He gave up his profitable job as an engineer and started a movement Bachpan  Bachoo Movement [ Save Child Movement ]in the 1980s. How Women would be Able to Perform Efficiently in Society?

Spread awareness for human rights

He brought children from different factories and save them from unusual exploitation. He started efforts for their rehabilitation which was his main concern. He was save more than 83000 children from factories who worked as child laborers. He and his trusty friends worked day and night. He has developed a unique type of worldwide network. As a campaigner who advocates for human rights – He told society that is divided into different categories.

  •  All children are born free with equal rights.
  • All children have a right to be free from slavery.
  • All children have a right to equal protection under the law.
  • All children have a right to get an education.

He had completed an 80,000km long march across 103 countries and proved – Child labor is the worst form of labor. He has been awarded by various countries, universities, and societies. He got Noble Peace Prize in 2014. He is a known as social reformer activist.


All problems in one’s life occur due to unemployment. It is a bad conductor of stationary life. It stagnates the thinking power of able persons. It becomes the reason for challenging problems. Because governments of developing countries do have not proper planning for employment. They live at the mercy of governmental free food distribution. It stops the thinking power of the poor who can work. Many young people choose the wrong way to earn which is the reason for social evils – gambling, snatching, begging, and committing a crime. Social workers work for all types of people so that they can start meaningful life.


Many young boys and girls want to become social workers. They can choose it as a career. There is a number of jobs in this field. The field has demanded some passionate tendencies of an individual who wants to work for the welfare of needy people.  Bachelor’s degree in social work [BSW]. It introduces an aspirant candidate for social work, social work research and statistics, and administration work. Top 7 Benefits of Positive Attitude Area of jobs

social worker

 social educator  

project coordinate

 The qualities of a willing person are

1.  Knowledge about social problems.

2.  Communication skills.

3.  Empathy and being a good listener.

4. Emotional intelligence.

5.  Tolerance and critical thinking.

6.  Ability to coordinate.

7. Self-awareness.

8.  Integration of mind and persuasion.