There is some misunderstanding between parents and their growing children. Parents notice them with their loving and supportive behavior. On the contrary, children react as much as abler attitude. This situation is in most families like the game Tug-of-war. Children and opponents [parents] pull on the rope with full strength in their own direction. Then misconceptions and misbeliefs are occupied much space between their relations. Today’s children have got a double-minded situation. Parents do not know –what should they do? Here are some practical tips to handle the family situation.

Table of Content

1. Never Preach Them

2. never compare with other children

3. Never say, you are tired

4. Don’t work as a bad conductor

5. Advocate their Refundable Interests

6. Notice their superior and inferior complex

1. Never preach them

Understanding the difference between preaching and counseling is necessary for parents. Preaching is a method that is used by religious monks in religious places. People who have to believe in God, go to their worship places and listen to the preaches, and religious sermons. People listen and get satisfaction. In most families, parents use this method to guide their children. “You should focus on your studies, and follow the school rules. Get up early in the morning and do less use of the internet.” This method has no value because children feel restless all the time. They have big dreams. They need a solid approach like counseling. Educational psychologists are those people who help children to channel their working energy. Step-by-step counseling plays an important role and helps to realize the reality of the world. How can Study and Skill Make You a Talented Professional?

2. Never compare with other children:-

Comparing is a quality that prepares you for your best doing. When a young person and a growing child think to push back his competitors, rivals, and relative then it develops automatically. It is a healthy, mental movement that leads you to progress. But in the matter of children. Parents should not make such mistakes. They compare their children with their classmates, neighboring children, and relatives’ children. Your children get annoyed. They start to react to your views. Because they have different types of interests. They start to refuse to mix with other family members. They become irritated when their parents praise other children. Try to know what your children want, and never compare them with others. They have their own thinking like you. Think over it-your thinking and style of work match with your relatives and neighbors!

3. Never say, ‘you are tired

A person hardly gets time for a long trip in his life. When we get the chance and learn many things that play a vital role to bring a change in one’s life. I got a chance for 20 days trip to Spain. I stayed in Denia. It is situated near the beach ‘Plea’. It is a tourist’s heaven. I went nearby park daily, in the evening with my nephew. Local women came there and bring their children for playing. Children have fresh energy to play and mix with other children. On the other hand-mothers were tired in the evening from performing their duties. Children start to play with full excitement. Playing football, racing, cycling, swinging, etc were their playing activities. Learning by Apps – Kids Learn by Play way Method

Children want to enjoy their time enthusiastically. After a few minutes, Mothers cried ‘come here and sit. You will get tired.” Tired! children do not know the word. Parents tell them. They can get tired. When they become grow. After three or four years. Parents, want-they should do more work. But they speak, ‘I am tired now. Why do they say so? Because there is the rule of light. Students study science subjects. When a ray of light strikes a plane’s surface it comes back with the same speed. So never tell their children  ‘You will get tired because you will listen a few years later ‘ I am tired now.

4. Don’t work as a bad conductor

Wood and plastic are bad conductors of electrical current. Electricity needs a good conductor for light bulbs or other electric machines and appliances like copper. Once I was watching a reality show about growing singers. Children are performing according to their abilities. A girl tried her best but she was rejected. Then the jury members called her mother onto the stage and asked her about the weak point of the girl in singing. Mother told a story about her. “I wanted to become a singer but situations were not in her favor. So I want, my girl will be a famous singer.’ Think over it-is it fair? Why are you doing as a bad conductor to fulfill your wishes? Children have their own wishes and talent. Parents should help them and work as good conductors to achieve their dreams.

5. Advocate their refundable interests:-

If you are planning to travel. You focus on buying a refundable ticket. Why? Because you do not want to waste your money. Refundable tickets ensure your money with minimum loss. So each parent must think about their children’s interests. Find out their hobbies that can get a form of healthy future. What do they like to do with great comfort? Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player. She is ranked no.1 in singles.

She got the name grand slam like Serena slam. She won eight out of 13 singles majors. Her parents knew their daughter’s interests. Serena and venus. Her father started to train them himself. When he knew the playing potential of their daughters. He sent them Macci’s Acadamy for training. Coach Macci had taught them all tricks for winning. She is known as an aggressive game styler and an excellent defender. In the matter of money. She is an athlete who had the highest earnings of all time. It is like a refundable turn. Top 7 Benefits of Positive Attitude

6. Notice their superior and Inferior complex

Fixity of mind is always harmful like stagnate water. It gets polluted. Thinking effects by the social environment. It is two types. Positive and negative v/s superior and inferior. Some children have a mindset up-they are superior. They become more ambitious than common children. They want more types or styles of things. They want everything in the best form. It is not a bad thing because it works like leverage for progress. But the uncontrolled ambition to be superior gets a form of stress many times. What is the Stress and removal method?

Parents should aware of the nature of their children. Parents are pure and selfless. They think their children have a positive attitude. But parents make a mistake because it loads for gaining as well as losing. In this situation, children feel ashamed. He always thinks, he is not able to work well and cannot mix with others. A lack of confidence hammers his power to face their siblings and classmates. So parents must try to know what type of mind setup their children have. They need counseling to cultivate hobbies. So they can develop an integration with their mind, body, and activities.