On the unique planet earth, the human being has the quality of thinking and learning. It helps to develop the budding qualities of a learner. As we all know, great features of an individual’s personality are unseen and uncommon. It is like gold that is buried inner curst of the earth. These inner qualities make them special and extraordinary. Education makes them smart. The personality traits of a learner can articulate by the tool of education. It is a considerable fact. It introduces an individual to his/ her natural identity. Now education is attracting people for the more development of civilization.

Because inventions and discoveries are always dependent upon the development of the qualities of students. The rating of the invention is increasing more than in later years ninety fifties [1950]. Due to the expansion of education. Everybody can get knowledge by checking up on the backlink of the 20th century. When developed and underdeveloped nations had tied one view to the expansion of education. Education assists to make an evenness not only with an individual’s traits but with available natural and non-natural resources. These scatter in one’s surroundings. Needless to say that education ensures one’s success and integrates a personality as well as the nation. 

Types of Education

Today’s emerging concept of two types of education – active education and passive education. Active education provides in educational institutions. In schools, a fixed curriculum has completed in a fixed time for certified learners. Passive education depends on one’s learning will – what does he/she want to learn. He/she wants to collect knowledge and satisfy his/her desire. What is the use of passive education? Where can it apply? When will it completed? When will it give output? When will a learner use it for commercial purposes? An endless list of questions occurs. In plain speaking – chances are rare to apply.

Even the internet connectivity is worldwide. Anyone can show his/her skill and be an entrepreneur. But active education is preferred by all types of industries. Certified candidates become able to earn their livelihood in their youth. As they had learned to face difficulties and to control them. Their first practice started with their hand and eye coordination – which means writing language letters beautifully step by step. Learners trained in a 3d way – draw straight lines, vertical lines, and horizontal lines. After getting sufficient knowledge about curves and cursive, kids become ready to learn.

Today’s tech kids type smartly on mobile phones. They learn through dancing letters on the screen in their classroom. Their activity of learning is more appealing, more expanding, and more powerful. As thousands of co-curricular activities [indoor and outdoor] are arranged in schools. They help to discover innate qualities. there is much use for extra activities. Because various types of platforms are available to perform the talent. Those arise the interest of learners also.

Utility of Co-curricular Activities

The purpose of formal education does not revolve around the cramming of books. It is a talk of the past century. When all underdeveloped countries are struggling for starting schools in rural areas. The situation was worse, the dropout rate is too much due to a lack of awareness about the utility of education. But today’s educational programs are designed by technical educational experts. The demand for education is growing day by day. Because education has become more purposeful and analytical and out of the school boundaries. Wishes of parents and the needs of children are establishing a new horizon. That is approached in new ways – by joining non-scholastic activities -for touching the innate potential of students.

Sometimes parents are fully disturbed with the arrangement of extra activities in schools. They took it as an extra burden on their pockets. As a way of wasting precious time on their children’s studies.  Now they have realized the power of these activities that helps to develop the interest of learners. Never try to get rid of these valuable tasks. Steve Jobs is a well-known personality in the technical community. He was the inventor and designer of the Apple I phone. He was a man who think out of the box. Today I Phone has become a brand like Guccy, Nike, Lovis, Addidas, etc. Each person wants to make access to buy branded dresses as well as Apple phones.

But not many people have the knowledge, Apple Phone is a product of joining co-curricular activities at Reed College by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs said, ”Reed College at that time offered perhaps the best calligraphy [ the art of writing beautifully with a special pen or brush] in the country… I decided to take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this … It was beautiful, historical, and artistically subtle in a way that science cannot capture and I found it fascinating none of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life. But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all comes back to me.” So the addition of co-curricular activities in active education has proved as a boon.  

Switch on Kids Talent by Learn Coding – Co-curricular Activity

Coding is a secret language, a set of instructions that grasp by a computer. Learning to code in an effort to take a step well in advance to occupy an important place in a digital community. As the utility of computers and smartphones is increasing day by day. The demand for coders is increasing manipulatively in the information technology sector. The development of advanced applications [apps] is the crying need of the 21st century. Learning coding will be beneficial for the learner. As a matter of personal growth and career advancement. Its learning is easy anywhere -even in remote areas – a learner is staying. Boosting one’s hobby, as today’s tech kids are too habitual to attach with their smartphones and laptops. Digital literacy leads them to choose the smart way to achieve success.