Summer vacations are a fun period for children. They wait anxiously to get rid of their daily routine of going to school. It is a time of non-formal learning. Parents also take an interest. When summer vacations start and they enjoy other activities. Many times parents feel confused about how they keep busy their children in their homes. They always think of different options. Some are matched with their profession or sometimes not. They think – what can be these? Here are ten indoor and outdoor activities to make summer vacations memorial.

 Table of Content

1. Rock Painting

2. Convert Impossible to Possible

3. Explore New Ways to Trip

4. Dancing Class

5. Planting and Home Decoration

6. Swimming

7. Calligraphy 

8. Disconnect the Internet

9. Learning Abacus

10. Preparation for Special days

Rock Painting

Art and craft have a central place in human lives. It satisfies the emotions from childhood. Children enjoy colors a lot during their school time. But they want to different mode and variety of options to do. During summer vacation children have much time to spend with colors. Parents can help them to make their vacations colorful. Rock painting is a developing hobby among growing children these days. They learn hand and eye coordination. Because painting on rocks is totally different than smooth paper. It not only becomes the medium of fun but also refines sharp learning skills. It helps to discover a painter for the future. Parents take it as an indoor activity or an outdoor one. Do Fun /Use your Natural Potential

Convert Impossible to Possible 

It is a challenging task to convert the impossible into the possible. It relates to brain power. The wonderful power of imagination has humans, no other creatures on the earth. If parents do have not many facilities for outdoor activities, they can ask their children by giving project work – add anything and solve the problems and do the required improvement in the project. Train them for imagination. Tell them all the inventions and discoveries are the product of imagination. Providing the chance to them – you will notice how are they intelligent. Check how to think and suggest to tackle problems. During their schooling, they have not got enough time to think due to the burden of tests and exams. Why Indian Education System is Worthless? How can India Update it?

Explore a new way to Trip

Children always seek novelty. They want to mark each activity as ‘Special’. Plan for an outside picnic. It may be a village, an amusement park, or a low-hilly area. You must choose an unknown road for your destination. It seems like a mystery as children watch cartoons and movies. When you select an unknown route, you must be equipped with the daily necessities, like food, casual clothes, enough water, etc. The new way may not be buzzed by facilities. It will help children to know adopting a new way is challenging but full of curiosity. Children must be guided on how scientists track new ways for inventions. Life is not as easy as a smooth road. Take a query What are their views? Top 6 Tips for Parents to Understand their Children

Dancing Class

 Notice the fact that children liked to watch dancing shows on TV glued to their seats. They have the energy to do so. They want to jump and frolic activities interestingly. They also try as they watch. If parents ask them to enroll in a dance class. They will never nod their heads as no. So parents can take the decision to join a dancing class in summer vacation. It has not a single purpose for a pastime activity. It brings creativity and self-discipline to personality. When your child is at the age of growing as a teen or adult. Dancing is forbidden as a laziness killer. It gives flexibility to his limbs and trains them to control their emotions. It encourages them to socialize and is a natural booster for fitness.

Planting and Home Decoration

Everybody knows trees are the lungs of the earth and a decorated home is a haven for family. This precious aspect of life demands the attention of parents. During the summer vacation, parents must teach children to plant trees and flowers in their homes and nearby places. Because it is the time for monsoon then plants flourished quickly. It also fosters the hobby of gardening too. Tiny efforts of children make the living place lively. Home decoration is the most valuable and accepted aspect of life. Nobody can ignore it. Encourage children to make wall-hanging and flower pots etc. Keep Earth Clean and Green- Save Environment


Swimming is the most liked activity by children. Swimming on hot days is a recreational activity. Parents can join a swimming club for children. It develops a number of positive health results like improving flexibility, coordination, and relaxation of time and helps to burn calories as a good exercise. It is also a lifesaver task. If a person knows how to swim he can save his life as well as others in a time of trouble. Sometimes children have their role model swimmer and want to be like Olympic gold medalist Michal Phelps. They take it seriously. Their fun conversion into a goal takes no time. Hobbies – Upskill Your Leisure Time


Learning calligraphy is the foundation of creativity. It is done with different pens, brushes, pencils, scratches, etc. As a summer vacation activity, not many parents like to enroll their wards. They consider children already have much writing work that is given and done by teachers. But it is totally different than writing in notebooks. It improves the focus on work, cultivates patience, and brings peace of mind. Buddist monks make a desired practice to develop mental peace. Learning calligraphy helps children to learn to spell effectively. It improves memory retention and motor skills. Apple I phone is the product of learning calligraphy tells Job Steve.

Disconnect with Internet

Possible! No, never. All children will exclaim. They can skip their lunch. But smartphones never. But parents must try for it and get positive results. Many parents have issues, children are addicted. They cannot live without phones. Their class results are poor and getting continuously poor. In the absence of youtube they crying loudly. Parents try to find a counselor for counseling to get rid of phones. The disconnect with the internet seems impossible. But well-planned outdoor and indoor activities make it possible. Playing carom, ludo, skipping rope, watering plants, cooking a special meal, etc. can help to forget the internet. Children can enjoy the real world more than the fake and imaginary world in their summer vacations. Efforts Make a Man Mentally Strong

Brain gym – abacus

Children are less like to learn by formal methods. According to the daily routine teacher start reading a book and ask to find out the answer to the given questions. Children write in their notebooks and learn for exams. But Abacus is a non–formal way to learn mathematics calculations interestingly.  Without any burden with the help of touching beads. It is called a brain gym. It helps to improve their visualization. Children can become quick in calculations than a calculator. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

 Preparations for Special Days

There are a number of special days that come in a year. Some are celebrated in schools and some are in the family or society. Children start to prepare for these when the teacher asks for it. Then the scarcity of time disturbs you a lot. Children and parents start to surf the net for designs for cards and relevant quotes. They go to the market to buy material in hasty to meet the deadlines. Then the special day becomes a burden. So parents can busy their children with this indoor cum outdoor activity. You can prepare different types of cards in advance. After making these you must pack it carefully to keep aside. When a special day comes near, you can open your packing to show your project. Thus parents can save their time and energy by the adequate use of summer vacations. Tips for Self Improvement