A wish to keep a pet dog is mushrooming craze among families. They tame pets for different purposes. There is a long list of pets that people have interested to keep. The variety of pets is as wide as the interests and hobbies of people. It is countless like stars. In the early years of human life, people tamed pets to make easy their tasks. Then the common pets were dogs, cats, horses, cows, camels, donkeys,s, etc. Today keeping a pet for the purpose to say goodbye to loneliness, social status, and companionship. Dogs are a popular form of pets that are kept by people. These may as –

  1. As a companion.
  2. As a toy.
  3. As a hunter.
  4. As a dictator and others

Dog as a companion

Loneliness is in everybody’s life, and the vacuum is growing in a social environment. Technology and the development of industry have increased the necessities of each individual. People have emotions but no time to sit with their family members. How can they share their sorrows and happiness with others? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp can help to share material, but not emotions? In this situation, people find a friendly companion. It can be a pet, that gives you the position of a master and proves itself a good companion. The dog is a faithful and loyal companion. It loves its master and develops a trustful relationship. Keeping a pet dog craze is in trend.

The demand for domestic dogs is increasing day by day. Because the nature of human beings wants respect. Family problems as well as social problems seek cheating, beating, and eating makes a man introverted. Cheating is immense; everybody wants to develop honesty. Suspension always runs in mind and helps to develop a fake relationship. Beating and bullying lead the world to crime. To be a cheater is a virus that has developed like coronavirus. Then a lonely person finds a companion. A dog is trustworthy companion-no doubt.

The history of a Japanese dog Hachiko. The Hachiko had created a story for its loyalty and friendship. Hachiko’s statue is situated in Japan where it died. Its owner, Hidesaburo Uero was a university professor who went to university. He used to board a train Shibuy a train station. Hachiko came with his master to the railway station daily and came back in the evening at the railway station, at an exact time. When his master came back from his work for more than one year. It did as daily.

One day his master did not come back. Hachiko came to the station daily and waited for his master. The working persons at the railway station watched it. The people who were workers there kept a watch on the dog. For twelve years, it waited for its master. finally, it died at the railway station. This story became a legend. A statue of Hachiko is situated in front of Shibuya station. There is a number of locals and foreign visitors who are always showing interest to click photos with the status. It is a symbol of a loyal companion.


  1. American Eskimo dog.
  2. Australian kelpie.
  3. Bernese mountain dog.
  4. Cavalier king Charles Chihuahua.
  5. English springer spaniel.
  6. Golden Retriever.
  7. Icelandic Sheepdog.
  8. Japanese spitz etc.


Joint and large families have taken the form of nuclear families. Many parents have one or two children. China’s government has banned for 2nd child. Each couple can bear one child. Because the growing population of the country will be harmful to its natural and artificial resources. But each child wants a companion, for playing, talking, and jumping. The requirement of alive toy is in demand. New Business Ideas

Chinese population shows their interest to keep a pet mostly. In1980’s dogs which are the third-largest in the world were more than 274 million dogs in China due to the one-child policy. It has emerged the craze of keeping pets. In the early years of the 20th century having a pet dog for the Chinese was illegal. It can keep as a toy for a child. In many countries keeping a pet dog is an interesting matter because they are very intelligent, and rarely harm their master.


  1. Pomerania
  2. Poodle
  3. Chihuahua
  4. Maltese dog
  5. Pug
  6. Pekingese
  7. Papillion
  8. Lhas a pp so
  9. Cotton de Tulear
  10. Bolognese dog
  11. Japanese chin
  12. Little lion dog etc.

Dog as a hunter

Men love hunting. It is an integral part of human life. Dog helps with hunting in their earlier life. The struggle of a dog to hunt a bird or an animal presents an amazing sight. The hunter dogs are known as good racers also. Some countries arranged a race show in which owners bring their dogs for competition. It is an entertainment event that people enjoy for thousands. How can you become a Rich Person?

Dog as detector /sniffing dog

The two types of dogs- gun dogs and hounds have keen noses. They can detect the presence of scents and other illegal materials. Gun dogs and hound dogs have different qualities. All dogs make physically fit and train for hunting. Because they have a special ability to learn. Pups generally learn more easily than an adult dog. Sniffing dogs are used by the police force and army. They play a vital role to solve difficult issues. These are used for sniffing in the 1800s first time. Now, all country forces have well-trained sniffing dogs to solve criminal cases