Top 3 Scholarship Tests for Study Abroad

Today’s higher secondary passed youth have the dream to go abroad to study. Their keen interest is to settle down there too. But there are various types of financial crises that they face. They do have not much money to pay the fees of abroad colleges and universities. They search for legal methods to fulfill their wishes by using legal methods to get anything that is hard but achievable. There are some scholarship tests that will help you to get entrance into developed countries’ colleges and universities. you can go to study in Canada, America, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. There is a list of tests:-




1. SAT

Scholastic Assessment Test.

Like any competitive exam, SAT is an exam for those students who want to win scholarships by using their excellence. It is a paper, pencil test. It is for undergraduate students. It offers by Canadian and United Kingdom universities and colleges. It has two sections to test the ability of aspiring candidates. How Can You Get 9 Bands in International English Language Testing System

Exams syllabus

a. Writing Section

b. Essay section- time 20-25 minutes

Critical Reading Section

1. SAT contains three critical types of test reading sections.

a. Reading comprehension-25 min

b. Sentence completion-25 min

c. Paragraph length critical reading-25 min

2. Math Section

SAT contains three math sections.

a. Algebra and functions-25 minutes

b. Geometry, Statistics- 20 minutes

c. Probability and Data analysis- 20 minutes


A. Total time 3 hours with 50 min

B. Extra time allotted for Essay optional

C. Total score-1600

D. Each section is scored on a 700to800 point scale.

There are two SAT sections-

a. Math

b. Evidence- Board Reading and Writing

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800-point scale

The highest score is 1600

2. TOEFL  

TOEFL stands for Test of English Foreign Language. It is for non-native speakers of English who want to enroll their names in foreign colleges and universities. It is for graduate and undergraduate students. It is offered by English-speaking countries the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many others. It is valid for two years. It provides other opportunities to improve your score. It is created by Educational Testing Services [ETS]. This test gives you an amazing chance to get scholarships from reputed universities and colleges in over 150 countries. Exams Preparation – Top 5 reasons for low Scoring and Solutions

It offers two types of tests as-

a. Internet-based test

b. Paper, pencil based test

Syllabus for test

a. Reading a passage, then answer questions in writing about what you just read.

b. Listen to a recording then respond to questions about the recording in writing.

c. Speak using formal and informal language in response to questions.

d. Writing task.

3. PTE Scholarship Test

The full form of the test is the Pearson Test of English. It is a scholarship program for International Students. $ 30,000 AUD per year is given to students as full tuition fee, living cost, airfare, etc. Australia offers this scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. During the test it checks the ability of students in the English language – Speaking, reading, writing, and listening. It is a computer-based test. It is awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade [DFAT]. Some universities and colleges offer scholarships to brilliant international students.  Nothing is Impossible             

1. The University of Southern Queensland 

2. Victoria University

3. Perth College of Business

Types of Test

1. PTE Speaking and writing test

2. PTE – Reading test

3. PTE – Listening test

1. PTE speaking and writing test

Time duration – 54 to 67 minutes

Total questions – 28 to 36

a. Personal Introduction

b. Reading aloud

c. Repeating sentences

d. Describing images

e. Retelling lecture

f. Answer short questions

g. Summarize written test – 300 words

h. Written text

i. Essay

2. PTE – Reading Test 

Time duration – 29 to 30 minutes

No. of questions – 13 to 18

a. Multiple choice – choose a single answer

b. Multiple choice, choose multiple answers

c. Reorder paragraphs

d. Reading: Filling in the blanks

e. Reading and writing: Filling the blanks

3. PTE – Listening Test

Time duration – 30 to 43 minutes

No. of questions – 12 to 20

a. Summarize spoken test

b. Multiple choice multiple answer

c. Fill in the blanks.

D. Highlight correct summary

e. Multiple choice single answers

f. Select missing words

g. highlight incorrect words Top 10 Tips for Reducing Study Stress