Christmas is the day that is celebrated in memory of the birthday of Jesus on 25 December. Christmas day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It shows the devotion of people to Jesus. People forget all their worries on this great day. For the celebration. They use many popular and traditional methods. Attending   Church, decorating Christmas tree. Exchanging gifts, Sharing meals with family and friends, and waiting for Santa Claus to arrive with candies for children.

As time has changed. People want to do their best for the festival. As well as, people of other communities want to know about the culture and festivals of other communities. Today’s young generation and teens have a worldwide connection with friends. They want to join their events for the celebration. They enjoy it too. New methods to celebrate Christmas should be developed. The celebration shows a firm belief of a community in their God. As students want to know more and do more – they can celebrate it in a combination of traditional and fun ways

Table of Contents.

1. Decorating Christmas tree V/S planting a tree.

2. Exchanging gift V/S promoting art and craft.

3. Sharing meals V/S cultivating cooking hobbies.

4. Santa Claus V/S service for suffering people.

1. Decorating Christmas tree V/S Planting tree

Decorating the Christmas trees is a sign of hope and prosperity with greenery. Therefore the Christmas tree is brightened by lights and festoons. It is a very interesting and pleasurable activity. It adds the beauty of homes as well as minds and location. It gives the message- Plants should keep green for the shining of your life. Because the life of humans and other creatures depend on plants. Our biological world is facing the trouble of global warming and pollution. On a special occasions, plants must be planted. Decorating a Christmas tree is an indoor activity and planting trees is an outdoor activity that will create a musical rhyme in your life on this holy day.

Social Activity and Enjoyment

Planting a tree is an outdoor activity. You will find the area where trees are fewer and the population is more. Certainly. it is the area where poor people live. They have much need of plants. They have no time to think about planting trees due to depending on daily earnings. They are weak physically. They have much need of fresh air. You can try to teach them for planting more trees. As this holy day, Christmas comes once a year- you want to enjoy the lot as possible. It will be the track to do more fun with your friends. Enjoyment with social work. Do Fun /Use your Natural Potential

2. Exchanging gifts v/s art and craft

Gift-giving is an indication of respect for your friends, relatives, siblings, colleagues, etc. The selection of the gift is a mark of your thinking and behavior for the gift receiver. You will try to buy a beautiful gift online or offline according to your interest. Try to make a gift. It would be an extraordinary special present for your near and deer. It will be the symbol of creativity. Because of readymade gifts, anyone can buy them. A handmade or designed present brings more appreciation to you than a store-bought gift. The handmade gift looks unique and original. It shows your patience. It also tells how you have respect for the gift receiver. It signifies the value of art and craft. As you have started the celebration of Christmas in advance. Gift-giving is meaningful

Social activity

Gift-giving is an eminent and desired activity for all. At the end of November, you start to think, about what type of gifts, you would buy and also go to shops and malls to see them. You click on my popular website also to select a gift. How have you ever thought? How do they celebrate Christmas who have no money or relatives? Millions of homeless people are hoped. May this Christmas, change their life? Enjoyment with friends and relative have very important but a few minutes for the needy – has a sign of your true sympathy for suffering humanity. If you will do this It is more pleasurable for you.

3. Sharing meals v/s cultivating cooking hobbies

 Sharing meals is an important event of this happy day. It develops lukewarm feelings among your family members and friends. It strengthens your relations. You can invite your near and dear to your decorated home. You decide one or two days ago, what you will cook. Some Christmas traditional food items must add like macaroni and cheese, ham, turkey, green bean casserole, etc. Bake a cake. If you cannot cook you can buy a well-furnished cake from a baker. Some special tasty meals for the Christmas cooking menu. Decorate your dining table lovingly. A corner of your room should attract everyone. You will decorate a Christmas tree and you can light candles. Floating candles can be attracting each of your family members and friends. You must dress up in your specially selected dress. Then serve food lovingly and show your hospitality. 


We can not live without society. Living in society is an integral part of our lives. Each task, what you do on this special day – directly or indirectly affects your neighbors. If you want to do good something for needy people. You must search for those people – families, and children who hardly get a meal once a day. You can start your celebration in advance to check where will you go and serve your cooked food, free service for needy people to make your Christmas very enjoyable. You will get everlasting effects on your soul and mind. Social Work and Social Worker

In the Guise of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a legendary character who comes in the evening and at night. He comes for the happiness of children on Christmas Day. He brings candies, cookies, toys, etc for the children. Children wait for him eagerly. If you want to be Santa Claus – put off the red coat, red cap, and trousers with white fur. It will be a very enjoyable activity for you. But you can do more. Meeting children is common practice. You try to meet those children and persons who are already admitted to hospitals. Because they are fighting against their illness and want to celebrate Christmas Day in their homes. Prayer to God Jesus for their life and give gifts to them. So that they can feel happy about your affectionate approach on this holy day. Efforts Make a Man Mentally Strong

 Happy Christmas Day.