Internet connectivity has come with up oceanic information for this human globe. When you search for a school for your children. Hundreds of websites show results about many types of schools – from top-ranking to average schools. Mostly you ignore top-ranking schools and scroll down the webpage of your device. You start a quest for an average school. Why?

Decision of Parents

Even your mind does not allow you to select an average school for your child. During the selection of school, you feel helpless and miserable due to not having vast income sources. Another cause is – your social circumstances compel you to think about your self-curved boundaries and you do. As your relatives and neighbors have done. After passing some years, parents reap the crop of unwilling consequences. Your child becomes an average person due to your outdated and stereotyped decision. You make a resolution to admit your child where cramming books and writing notes is a popular task in schools for students. But in top ranking schools extra-curricular activities are doing for the development of students talent.

Bookish Knowledge

The burden of learning and cramming books for examination never lighten the whole year. Cramming books is an old way to learn. At an average level schools have no facility for practical learning. No availability of well-trained and well-educated teachers. Learning with advanced technology is rare. Cramming reduces the power of critical thinking and vanishes the imagination power. Therefore talent of your wards remains undeveloped. As they grow and get higher education. Finally, they remained unemployed. How tragic it is!  Come to the central point- what is the requirement to get admission to top-ranking schools. The requirement to Boost Your talent

Parents should prepare their minds for giving a valuable opportunity to their children for a successful future. It is not easy, but not as difficult as you consider. Because you have already faced never-ending troubles in your life. Think over it ,when the technology has not appeared in its advanced form. All global nations depend on their natural resources – petroleum, coal, iron, gold, silver, etc. Expansion of means and resources remains nonparallel. Achievements are not globally targeted. But now, uses of ignored energy like water energy, wind energy, and solar energy, atomic energy has changed the world. Why do you feel helpless?

Face the challenge

The development has geared up new horizons of achievements that are touched by humans. Think across the boundaries and decide for your children. Upheavals have occurred in each sector. Tremendous new combinations and changes are adopted. Some useless beaten combinations are discarded. This concept is gaining ground in each field as well as the education sector is providing technical and advanced facilities. New challenges should accept, and fronting courageously. New experiences are taking place through educational technology.

Make a Valuable Decision

On the other side, parents always compromise on their limited sources of income. They select an average school for their genius children. It later proves unfavorable to their children’s future. So parents should refuse the dependence on their limited means of income like dependencies upon limited natural resources of nations. You should take a step courageously for the admission of your children. They would be able to become the modal of masses like Late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, novelist Vikram Seth, and Amitav Ghosh, fashion designer  Tarun Tahiliani, social and environmental activists Bunker Roy and Lalit Pande, Actress Kareena Kapoor  

  • The first step is for parents – to think big and get the best. 
  • Eliminate previous misconceptions as and focus on your children’s wants
  • Always keep in your mind, that your child demands your variable approach to compete in the world.
  • You should keep knowledge about liberal policies and the plans of banks for study loans.
  • Top banks offering education loans.

Here is a list of some top-ranking schools. You can choose as your wish. In these schools, role models of the masses are created and they lead the world. Warm-up your mind and select a school for your child. Never scroll down the list of these schools. List of schools:- 

The Doon School

Situated – Mall Road, Krishna Nagar, Uttarakhand, India.

The best residential school for boys, It was established in 1935 by Satish Ranjan Das, a lawyer. Its campus area is 72 acres. Well planed and updated syllabus with extra-curricular activities that are played a vital role in the all-around development of students.

Compulsory activities

Robotic, Paper recycling, weather reporting, quiz, carpentry, aeromodelling, bird watching, photography, film, etc.

A platform for creative development

Boys can learn to write for or join the editorial board. Mountaineering, theatre, and music are a part of these activities.


A spacious playing field on 30 acres where spring term sports, autumn sports, and all-around year sports are played. Cricket, hockey, football, athletics, boxing, tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc

Affiliation boards:- IB- International Baccalaureate

CISCE- Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

IGCSE- International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Age of boys – 12 to 18 

 No. Of students – 600

Fee Structure, annual – 10,25,000/

The Bishop Cotton School Shimla

Situated – The Shimla Bypass, Near Khalini,

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

It is the oldest boys’ residential school that was founded by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton in 1859. The campus area is 56 acres where a magnificent building, A spacious Irwin Hall, a well-equipped gymnasium hall, full-time medical staff, and a library – a house of books and labs for practical education.

Extra-curricular activities

Football, cricket, tennis, hockey, boxing, squash, air-rifle shooting, athletics, and gymnastics.

 Activities for Talent Development

Music, dance, drama, singing.

Hobby Cultivation

Modeling, photography, shooting, golf, gardening, stamps, and coin collection.

 Additional Program mes

To sever the community – village adoption, teaching underprivileged children, etc.

Affiliation –  ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

ISC – Indian School Certificate

No. Of students- 600

Fee structure – 5,30,000/-

+1 to +2   –          5,65,000/-

Welham Girls’ School

Situated – 19, municipal Rd,

Panchpuri colony, Dalanwala

Dehradoon, Uttarakhand.

Welham Girls’ School is founded by H.S. Oliphant Hailed in 1957. Having area of campus is twelve acres. The aim of education is to bring peace. Career counseling and life skills are offered to girls. Welham School runs an exchange program with some schools in the UK and United States and provides opportunities for girls to explore.

Musical and Create Activities

Western music, dramatics, sitar, table, vocal music, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, folk dance, and photography.  


Basketball, hockey, aerobics, karate, shooting, table tennis, athletics, swimming, badminton, and lawn tennis.

Affiliation – CISCE

Fee structure – 6,75,000/-


List of some popular schools

  • Lawrence School Sanawer, Himachal Pradesh.

  • Wood Stock School Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.
  • Delhi Public School
  • The Shri Ram School
  • BK Birla center for Education Pune
  • Bombay Scottish School Mumbai
  • John’s High School Chandigarh
  • St. Josephs School North Point Darjeeling
  • Mother’s International School Delhi