Writing articles, blogs, copywriting, stories, poetry, and various form of writing. These are accepted by different websites. There are a number of websites that pays well to their writers.  If you have talent or passion for writing you can show your writing skill. You can earn money online by writing. You can do it as part-time work or full-time.

There are 5 most genuine websites that help you to earn money online. 






Paid for Articles

Type of work – Part-time or full time

Features – If you have a passion for writing, you can join this website. It pays you for your efforts. You can publish unlimited posts. How can you become a successful women

Niche – It allows you to select trending topics. The title of your blog post must be as, Top 1o, Top 20, Top 30….. as.

Payment mode – via Paypal

Requirements –

1. Your English must be good like English writers.

2. A unique article, free from plagiarism, help you to get easy approval.

3. The length of your blog or article is 500 words to 2000 words.

4. When your article is approved for publishing, you can not publish anywhere that blog or article.

Hub pages

Type of work – Part-time

 Features – As you are fresher and want to upskill your writing hobby. This platform helps you to pursue your talent for writing. It gives you motivation for introducing yourself in the online publishing world.

Niche – multi

Requirements – Content must be original, and plagiarism free.

 Your article or blog must be well-researched.

Starting income –  $ 50 to $ 100 monthly. Top 5 Business Ideas


Type of work – full-time or part-time

Niche – Multi

Features – It helps writers to polish their talent. It has a million readers who read the list of articles. The clear professional design of the website is very useful for writers and readers. You get approval without any delay.

Payment – $ 100 per article via Paypal

It pays writers once a month on the 1st of the month.

Requirement – It prefers well-researched articles.

The length of the article is not mentioned.

Content must be original. How can you become a Rich Person?


Type of work – full-time or part-time

Niche – blog or articles about your personal experience.

Payment mode – Medium uses Stripe to pay its writers.

Features – Medium helps you to publish your personal stories about various niches. It provides amazing tools to help design your content like professional articles. Small paragraphs are asked to write with headers. You can set pictures by using magnifying glass icon for your article.

Requirements –  

  • Your content is written clearly to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Write on a hot topic with personal experience.
  • Error-free, quality content publishes on regular bases. 


commercial illustrator

Type of work – Part-time or full time

Earning  –  By sharing revenue

Features – Quora.com is a unique website that offers you to ask not only questions but also invites you to write answers to others’ questions. It provides you to join different spaces free of cost which helps you to earn money according to your specialization. Top 10 Tips for Reducing Study Stress

Requirements –  

  • You have a special ability to give relevant answers to the question.
  • This website has a wide variety of niches. You ask to select a particular niche.
  • Try to write the answer as quickly as possible.