Women’s day is celebrated globally on 8 March for the purpose to empower women. Women are playing a vital role in politics, culture, religion, economics, education, aviation, military services, etc. All sectors get women’s services. They do their duties effectively and confidently. But gender inequality deters the determination of a woman. Therefore, all countries of the world have arisen slogan ‘Embrace Gender Equality.’ It must adopt not only by writing slogans but practically. This special day appeals to women to go ahead, and be leaders. The growing professional participation of women in all sectors is a wonder in itself. The absence of women considers as incompletion of each work, and celebration. The celebration of women’s day conveys a message to the world. Women are as important as men. There are some tips for celebrating the day –

Table of content

1. Check Fitness Craze

2. Upraise Ramp Walk

3. Expose Art & Craftwork

4. Search Garden Lovers

5. Tech Women Event

6. Knock up a Chef

7. Interrogative Hub

Check Fitness Craze

It is a proven concept, the health of a woman is the sign of the healthy tomorrow of a nation. The health of a family depends upon the good health of a girl. As in many families, boys are fed well but girls get less food quality and quantity than boys. Today girls have a craze for fitness. They join the gym. So you arrange an event in your institution to check the craze for the fitness of girls for health. It will spread awareness among all girls. Some activities can arrange like yoga, aerobics, race, cycling, etc. How Women would be Able to Perform Efficiently in Society?

Upraise Ramp Walk

Ramp walking is the most interesting event for girls. Each girl wants to show her talent. But chances are less. Therefore they watch TV shows continuously to satisfy their desire. This event will help girls to control their shyness. It will not only show or present their emotional and physical postures but also help them to be confident in performing. It will keep as an open entry. The opportunity will tackle the problem of those girls who always complain about their social surroundings.

Expose Art & Craft Work

There is no doubt, an only a woman can make life, living worth through her fondness for art and craft. No woman can keep herself away herself from art and craft.  The girls have hobbies for creating something new and passing time activities. They use various online platforms to show their talent. This event will be in favor to upskill them because today’s world has a valuable demand for art and craftwork. This event will encourage more girls and the development of their pastime activities. It can get to a professional level. Do Fun /Use your Natural Potential

Make a Quest for Garden Lovers

Natural beauty is a  pleasant source of enjoyment. In the month of March, nature provides a variety of flowers and greenery. People go to parks to enjoy the natural beauty. But there is no limit, many people love to grow plants. Women mostly like to grow plants in their homes for gardens. So you can arrange a flower show in your institution. Girls who have different ideas for gardening can share and inspire others to love nature for a happy life.

Tech Women Event

Not many people know, the first computer programmer was a woman. Today you live in the internet age and technology. 37% of female does not use the internet due to different reasons. They are lags behind in the present day. So a contest can arrange in an educational institution. As girls have knowledge for computer. An event for drawing on the computer can arrange. It will be helpful for girls. They get encouraged and try to learn more. You can ask them to draw a ceremony card, type text, do video editing, etc. This event will convey a message to all girls to be tech women. College Students Problems

Knock up a Chef

Cooking is the most interesting area for women. Because she is a family foster. As the arrangement of a cooking contest some difficult. But it is the most demanding job and business in today’s world. Girls also want to show their talent. You can offer interested girls by presenting a cup of tea. You ask them to taste it and note down the ingredients that are added to the tea. The participant girls make a list of ingredients according to their knowledge. You will choose the winner and award them.

Interrogative Hug

The life of a woman is full of various types of interrogations. If we say the life of a woman is an interrogation. There is nothing wrong. They always challenge everywhere to give an appropriate answer for each question. So you can arrange an event Interrogative Hub [ ?] Interested girls can participate in the form of a team to answer simple questions for world-famous women. You can ask girls to review the biographies of famous women. The girls ask to recite poems, tell a struggling story of their role model, singing a song that can mesmerize the audience. Fashion Design – Career and Business