The Data Science sector is emerging for various types of jobs. It demands a different type of educated, skilled, and professional. It leverages one’s career as a data scientist, data architect, data engineer, and data analyst. 97000 data analysts are vacant in India alone and 25000 data scientists. As multinational companies are needed valuable information from business processes, social media, finances, counting, consumer behavior, etc.  These companies pay their employees thousand of dollars. There is a variety of courses that will help you for a bright career in the data science sector. Digital Revolution Influences the Thinking of Learners

List of Courses

1. Python Course and certification Program

2. Data Analyst Certification for Beginners

3. SQL Certification Courses

4. Data Visualization Certification and courses

5. Artificial Intelligence Courses

6. Data and Machine Learning

7. Introduction to Data Science.

8. Business Case for Data Science

9. Human Capital of Data Science. 

10. Statistics and Machine Learning

11. Deep Learning

12. Solving Data Science Problems

13. Software Engineering for Data Scientists

14. Data Engineering for Data Scientist

15. Python and SQL Career Courses after 12th

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate who wants to pursue a data science course required –

Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer, math, Science, Physics, or a related field

Job Sector

1. Sales, Marketing & HR

2. Healthcare, Retail & E-Commerce

3. Media & Hospitality

4. Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas

Type of Jobs 

a. Data Engineering

b. Data Analyst

c. Statisticians

d. Data Architects 

e. Applications Architect

f. Infrastructure Architect

g. Enterprise Architect

I. AI/ ML Engineering

j. Data scientist How can Study and Skill Make You a Talented Professional?

Data scientist – It is the highest-paid job. It requires various types of skills. Like as-

1. Technical skills –

a. Statistics, programming, and coding

b. Machine learning and deep learning

c. Predictive Modeling

d. Data wrangling, Cleansing, Preparing

2. Soft Skills –

a. Excellent Business Acumen

b. Problem-Solving Skills

c. Critical Thinking

d. Effective Communication Skills

e. Collaboration