Mumal Mehar is a girl who lives in the village Barmer in Rajasthan in India. She has seen playing cricket in a video. It is viral on social media as a wildfire. Cricket lovers are watching it curiously. She will a cricket star in the next some years. Sachin Tendulkar is known as the block bluster, worldwide. He also watched the video of Mumal Mehar and is impressed highly by her playing talent. Her playing style has amazed everyone.

Mumal Mehar’s life

Mumal Mehar is a school-going girl. She is fourteen years old. She belongs to a poor family. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. She has three sisters and two brothers. She helps her mother with household tasks. She gets his father’s goats outside for grazing daily. The requirement to Boost Your talent

Mumal Mehar Practice Time

Mumal Mehar practices playing cricket for three or four hours. She has no special provision for the game. Because her parents are poor. She plays with naked feet. Her school teacher knows her talent. He helps her for playing better. He tells her the key points of the game and she follows him. He also encourages her to play regularly. She has unbeatable talent. Her teacher has firm faith that if the government or any NGO supports her she will be a cricket star in India

Mumal Mehar’s Role model

Mumal Mehar is also impressed by a cricket star. As today’s youth has their role models and favorite personality as Mumal Mehar has her favorite cricket star. She describes Surya Kumar Yadav her favorite cricket player. She likes his playing style. She watched his videos and learn, playing tricks in her free time. She practices it for three or four hours daily. Improve the quality of your sports

Poverty is an obstacle

Mumal Meher has talent, the viral video shows But the game demands special provisions. Her parents cannot afford it. She has made a request to the government for a cricket kit. Satish Poonia [a member of the Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan] has sent a playing kit. He tweeted on Twitter about her talent also. She has won matches in her locality.