History of Valentine’s Day

The super creation of God is man and woman. Saint Valentine supported them secretly when the king of Rome Claudius 2, decided strictly that the soldiers of Rome would be devoted to the country. They could not marry. Because attachment to women and family could obstruct military missions. Saint Valentine was a priest at that time in the 3rd century. He could not accept the uneven, unnatural, and impractical law role of the king. Because he knew the closeness of man and woman can develop a prosperous nation. He started to marry these soldiers secretly. Even if it was an act that was against the role of the king. But he did.

Once he was found out for this and put in jail by the king. He had true feelings for his prisoner fellows. He had cured the blind daughter of the jailer. He donated his eyes to her because the king had declared his punishment – death. He wrote his last words to her as Your’s Valentine. He was executed on 14 February 269. As time was passing, many stories are written for his welfare. After two centuries the day 14 February was declared Valentine’s day. On this day couples can show their love and affection to their partner and family members. Today, it is celebrated as an annual festival in many countries according to their traditions and cultures. Commitment helps in the achievement

Importance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is an important day in itself. Today it has got more importance when you live in the world of worries. You are surrounded by machines, for the purpose to live a comfortable life. You always think for the betterment of your life. Your brain keeps you busy always. You think about machines. You have a little time for yourself and for your families. Many times you crush your emotions due to lack of time.  But valentine’s day brings charm to your life.  This day reminds you – you are human beings, not machines or robots. On this day, You try to enjoy some moments with your life partner, lover, and family. A red rose and home-cooked food help to unite you closely. It gives you memorial pleasure for a year. Here are some tips that will help you to celebrate the special day-

 1. Visit a club

2. Create a wishing card

3. Enjoy barbecue food

4. Valentine Video call

5. Plan a Picnic

Visit a club

No doubt young folk awaits anxiously for valentine’s day. As they have very less moments to express their emotions. They want to convey their loving feeling. They look for a deserted place for revealing their affection. You want to tie in a relationship. This day has great value. Visit a club to help you to be social. You can enjoy your favorite food and play games also. Present a red rose to your friend and spouse. It will fade away your all worries. As Saint Valentine helped to eliminate the worries of Roman soldiers.

Create a wishing card

Creativity comes from love and pleasure. Love wants best wishes, loving signs, attractive symbols, and words. Card creativity fulfills your desire as well as your partner’s. It shows you are a person who has value for your life partner or lover. If you have a hobby for writing poems and stories, you can write some special words to express your feelings. Writing an autograph makes you the most trusted person for your buddy. Keep Earth Clean and Green- Save the Environment

Enjoy Barbecue food

Valentine’s day comes once a year. It will celebrate like a festival. Because thunder of emotions, disturb you many days in advance. You start to think or guess approximately by 15teen days ago. How will you celebrate valentine’s day? Various ideas come into your mind. You feel unable to select. You want to choose a special eatable item for your friend and partner. You can decide on Barbecue food in a restaurant. Enjoyment outside has its own importance as you are habitual to cooking food in the home. It will say goodbye to nervousness. It brings contentment and cements your relationship.

Valentine Video call

Making a video call to your relatives is a common experience. It is the most popular way of communication. In the olden days, people wrote letters to their relatives. Today the time has changed, you live in the age of computers and an internet-connected world. It helps you to connect face-to-face with one another. On Valentine’s Day, you must dress beautifully and select a private call time. You will never postpone the call time for the purpose of disposing of domestic activity. Onfix time to make or receive the valentine’s call provides great pleasure to your lover or partner. How Women would be Able to Perform Efficiently in Society?

Plan a Picnic

Families, office colleagues, and classmates plan a picnic during vocations. It is a usual trend. On Valentine’s Day, you can plan a trip or picnic with your couple. There is no matter- you are married or unmarried. Various tourist companies offer different types of tour programs. It will be a memorial tablet for your life. When you get some worry and tension – the memory of this special day will be a priceless treasure. Click a selfie and recode some videos that will be a surplus for your life. Say goodbye to the spiritless days of monotonous life. You can choose an adventure for you. You must pay gratitude to Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for the happiness of countless families, couples, and lovers.  Efforts Make a Man Mentally Strong