Power source
Bladeless wearable Fan
Reachable battery
20d*30w*5h cm
Like Headphone

What is new with this wearable bladeless fan?

It is a wearable personal fan. You can wear it around your neck. It is a bladeless and rechargeable fan. It looks like headphones and provides you with a stylish look. When you wear it, it helps you to get rid of unbearable heat. All persons can wear it during indoor and outdoor activities. Summer vacations Activities for Children

Branded Fan 

It belongs to the well-known brand Alfa. Its price starts from 699 Indian rupees. There is a variety of ranges. It depends upon your choice. It is available in white color. The company has provided a warranty for a year to its customers.  


It looks like headphones. This leafless fan is designed for one’s personal use. It not only provides a stylish look but makes sure your comfort also. It is designed to wear around the neck for the cooling of your face area. It also protects face makeup. It never curled your hair. Hair can be long or short. Confidence Booster Tips

Wind Mode

Really you are anxious to know about its wind modes after knowing its useful features. It has three wind modes like a strong wind. If you do not like strong wind, you can use the second mode normal wind. It’s the third mode for weak wind. All the modes are useful according to your requirement.

Usable For All  

A product can get popularity for its common use. It must be for all. A wearable hand-free fan  Alfa has a feature for all. It is an important feature. All age groups of people can wear it as old, mature, young, adult, teens, and children. 

A Useful Gift

A person has many important days in his life. Like as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. When you give a gift to your nears and dears, you make the moment a memorial for them and enjoy. He/ she feels modern, stylish, and loving person. Gift-giving is meaningful