Life is a precious gift by God itself. When we choose a gift for someone on a special occasion, we make it more valuable. There are many good times in your life to be a good gift giver. Lovely occasions are – wedding day, friendship day, valentine day, Christmas, new year, marriage anniversary, birthday etc. Specially on the birthday – it celebrates all over world in all families. The day comes once a year at the same date. Each wants to celebrate the day enthusiastically. As it gives untold pleasure and happiness. If you think to give a present to your dear ones – it is your greatness. You are increasing one’s aspirations. Strengths his/her dreams. You really try to make an adequate understanding about your feelings with him/her. Gift receiver also finds himself/herself the happiest person. Some precautions should keep in mind always –

  • It should not much expensive.
  • Never try to show off richness.
  • Focus at the uses of the gift, for gift receiver. 
  •  Make an effort to understand the interests of your loving individual.

Choosing Gift is an Art

It is undeniable truth, selecting a gift for a special  occasion is not less than a challenge. People who make some exchange in their professional life, they simply know – the needs and desires of their colleagues. They never waste much time in selecting the present. Whereas common people in the society get more confused and ask themselves, ‘what should he/she buy to impress the receiver?’ It demands to think over it because it is a silent communication between two persons. So purpose of the present should be creativity, good luck and development of the talent like an Argentina ‘s football player Diego Armando Mara dona.

Diego Armando Maradona

Maradona was a football player. He was born on 30 October, 1960  at Lanus in Argentina. He belonged to a poor family. His father worked in a chemical factory. He was the fifth child of his parents. Four elder sisters and two younger brothers included in the family. The burden of a big family on the shoulders of his father led to miserable life. Childhood of his children was not enjoyable. Accidentally, Mara dona got a gift from his uncle on his birthday at the age of three. It was a football.  The child started to spend his most time with the football. Then it became his loveliest gift.

Unbelievable Reality

A gift can help to make one’s career in this way.  what an astonishing qualities of the gift was! In the age of eight when he came to Argentinians Juniors for trail. Spectators watched him as football wizard. A youth coach Francisco Cornejo , who discovered him. He said, ‘I was really struck by his talent and couldn’t believe he was only eight years old. We asked him for his ID card so we could check it. But he told us he didn’t have it.’ He played like as a trained adult when the coach discovered him. 

Achievements of Maradona

Then the coach committed himself to support him. Due to his extraordinary playing tricks. Mara dona played so well under the supervision of his coach. He got the title as Golden Boy. He became a professional football player. He was the greatest player who won the Federation International de Football Association [FIFA] world cup two times in his career. He was so genius, got mastery of ball. His international national career was full of victories. He earned ninety one caps. He made the wonderful victories by the best use of his birthday gift. So the relevancy of a gift is necessary according the occasion when you select a gift for your loving ones. Always keep in mind the interests and requirements of gift receiver when you arrange something to give. So that your gift helps your dear person to do something better.

Gift for Housewives

The most ignorant persons of the society are housewives. Nobody remind that to wish them for their birthday or anniversary. Even they help to healing the cracked and fractured relations. They develop a well-knitted correlation among the family members and relatives. They always feel happy with the happiness of other kin. To buy a gift for a wife, for a daughter-in-law, for a sister-in-law and for a mother is a sign of your greatness. Because 99% housewives feel stressed during the unfinished daily continuous work.

Infect the life of a housewife is full of repeated activities. They get very less chances to get rid of boredom of the day. It weakens the working energy of them. Therefore you should need to select a special gift for your homemaker. So that they can feel a proud at her family members. Provide a chance to adjoin her as a your trustworthy and well-wisher by giving remarkable present. Offer her a pleasant ride from home ceilings. You may buy any kitchen appliances that can make her work easy. The gift must have useful. It is not so much expensive to show your feelings like Jim and Della.

The Gift of Magi

I have read a story, ‘The Gift of Magi’ written by an American writer O, Henry. The two character of the story are husband and wife named Jim and Della. The special day of Christmas has come. They think to give a surprise gift to each other secretly. But they are poor. They have no enough money to purchase a useful present. Della feels nervous and try to find the solution of her problem. Suddenly, she came in front of looking glass and observes her beautiful, long and golden hair. She decides to sell these to get money.

Avoid Expensive Gift

She sells her hair and buy a platinum chain for the golden watch that posses Jim. In the evening , Jim comes at home with a surprising gift for Della – a set of combs for her golden hairs. When he looks Della. She has lost her hair. He thinks his gift is useless. On the other hand Della observes, Jim’s golden watch is missed. She gets disappointed because he sold his watch to buy a set of combs for Della. In this way they had lost their precious possessions. Their gifts get a form of useless things. Therefore, always buy or arrange a gift to show your heartiest feelings and mute emotions except expensive present. 

Long Lasting Gift

We live in social environment. We bonds with each other by having various type of relations. Our community and relatives make our life worth living. They increase our joys when we prayer for the happiness of our dears and nears. It proves as a long lasting gift. It is unique type of approach that fulfill our hearts and minds with proud and respect. The gift that we buy and arrange for them has some value, for some time according its durability.

Prayer a Gift

But long lasting gift never lost its newness and validity. As prayer for ones good luck and success is the greatest present. As we have engaged our daughter. But we was not agree to fix a date for marriage. Because our son is in Canada. He has applied for PR. He cannot come. We told the new family. it is our compulsion. They full by excitement except disappointment and said the boy’s father, ’we all, will prayer to God for him to receive PR [ permanent resident].’ The words of the gentleman won our hearts. We think, it is the long lasting gift for us that has tied us closely with each other. 

High Priced Gift 

When I read a book in English Language that connects me with the whole world. I pay my heartiest thanks for those people who have given a valuable gift to us – English Language. They came in Asian countries as well as went all around the world. They sailed their lives at the surface of oceanic, tidal water. Really the task was risky and full of troubles. They have given a high priced gift to the world and give a chance to each person who want to make progress in their life. Even all languages have its own importance because nobody can learn foreign language without the help of his/her native language. Today it is ranking as computer language. I also help to others to learn English. I think it is most useful present for the welfare of humanity in the age of internet. So try to choose a gift for the well-being of your nears and dears.