The environment is our surroundings. The Earth is a unique planet that is full of life. It has a variety of land masses. Kinds of living things large one, as well as small, has own effect in the environment. They act and react to ensure their adaption. Human has become the king of the blue planet. As he is spreading his wings toward space. So that he can explore the whole universe. To satisfy the desire, to find out more, he is inventing new tools. These are being harmful for the of all creatures. Production of much man made products have proved unhealthy component for earth’s health because these are not having the feature of discarding.

DR S.W.Pennycuick [1878-1954] was born in Rockhampton. He started his career as a young teacher in the boys’ central school Rockhampton. He spent many years on chemical research. He got degree of science from Adelaide university. He had argued, ‘where science is taking us?’ (broadcast talk from Adelaide, Australia) He explained- science is helping to produce more and more. Inventions of new medicines that helps man to live longer. Many countries have a stock of destructive weapons. It may cause of war and destruction. In the modern world, each person wants to collect more material things. Ethics and morals are losing its grip in society.

What does Machines

In the favor of machines, he said, “This is the age of the machine. Machines are everywhere- in fields, in the factory, in the home, in the street, in the city, in the country, everywhere. To fly, it is not necessary to have wings; there are machines. To swim under the sea, it is not necessary to have gills, there are machines. To kill our fellow men in overwhelming numbers, there are machines. Petrol machines alone provide ten times more power than all human beings in the world. In the busiest countries, each individual has six hundred human slaves in his machines’.

Importance of Non-marital Things

Dr S.W.Pennycuick elaborated further concerning non-material things like, tolerance, mercy, charity and justice that help to develop society and state worthwhile to live. He said, “First, where is science taking us with regard to ethical and spiritual values? We know that is doing with regard to material things are its daily business. But what is it doing with regard to non-material things. If the answer is “nothing at all” that would be bad enough; but the actual answer is less than nothing’. He alarmed people to make peace.’

King Ashoka

Above mention noble ideas were implemented by the great Indian king. His name was Ashoka. He is known as Ashoka the Great. He was the third king of the Mauryan dynasty. He was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Mauryan dynasty and the son of king Bindusara. He had four sons. He disliked Ashoka for his rough skin. He did not agree to appoint him as his successor. But Ashoka had improved himself as an able prince who can ruled successfully.

Sight of Destruction

During the period of 268-232 BCE, king Ashoka ruled over India and made its a developed country. He fought many battles from West Bengal to Afghanistan ( present day). His capital was Patliputra (now known as Patna in Bihar) a state of India. He fought many battles and won. He expanded his kingdom from East to West. He was an intelligent and talented king. He fought his last battle in Kalinga (Odisa). It proved a destructed war because more than 100,000 deaths and 150,000 exiled.


The sight of his winning was horrible and dreadful sight. It changed his mind and he regret at his military companions. ‘Renunciation ! it was a last tool of his life for the welfare of humanity. He became a disciple of Gautama Buddha. Spreading of Buddha’s teachings and to achieved the purpose of peace became his motive. He thought that it was the most reliable spiritual weapon. He sent monk all over the country as well as neighboring countries. He sent his son and daughter also as monk. He developed a unique way to communicate with his citizens.

Message for Peace

His inscriptions showed on rocks and pillars. Tall and strong pillars were setup in his vast kingdom. So that people read his message and orders. He ordered to all citizens- hunting is punishable. Killing of animals and men was prohibited strictly. He was the king who fought for material wealth and moved to get spiritual motive. He sacrificed his military movements for the welfare of his citizens as well as flora and fauna.

Misuse of Science

Today situations are getting worse. Misuse of scientific inventions is growing more than it’s uses. Global warming is a current issue that is crying for new solution. Advancement of technology is girding up its loins to face the problem. Developed countries are paying much attention toward the global, environmental problems.

New technology has started suggesting different methods for the conservation of water, fossil fuel, electricity, vegetation etc. These are the important bio components for the liveliness of the planet.

The Magnificent Building

The latest example of a magnificent skyscraper- Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world. It was built in 2009. Its height is 829.8 meters. It was the greatest responsibility of architectures where nothing is developing against environmental as well as natural conditions. Use of much solar energy in the building has explained the thinking of environmental experts. They had suggested various ways to save energy. This building is contributing an important and multiple role in saving natural resources.

Amazing System

It’s air conditions are fully recycled. The use of water in this grand building is more than 140,000 liters daily. Wastage of water at zero level. Water has collected in tanks and used for irrigation and building’s landscaping. Renewable sources are developed perfectly. Its huge size is fully Eco friendly. Even it has 900 luxury and residential homes. It is the main attraction for tourists in United Arab Emirates. Country Dubai has became the leader in the favor of saving environment and other natural resources.

Natural ways of Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing


The process of recycling is to put used objects through the process so that we can make them usable. We should learn the best use of water by nature – melting of snow, sun heat takes away water in the form of clouds, wind flies away clouds in needed areas for the purpose of shower. All living creatures use it, for various requirements. This process also plays an important role to maintain underground water.


Reusing of an object make sure of less expenditure. Nature never waste anything. Natural disasters occur in the form of destruction. As we think but it is a secret of natural reuse. Dead animals, plants and other creatures buried deep down in the Earth’s crust. After thousands and millions years human gets these in the form of valuable fossil fuel. What a great process!


Birth and death of each living beings complete the life circle. It is notable, a simple way to keep balance. Think over it, if nature make a focus at only birth. What does happen? On the contrary, it prefers only at death. What does the sight of the Earth? What does nature want to teach us? First thing is – nature is expert in creating balance without extra efforts comparatively human. Even he is the super creation of the God that makes a practice for produce and use. That is being a cause of unnatural destruction. There is a need to learn something good to save the blue planet from natural system.