Study and skill are two important and  essential elements of education that is labelled you as a talented professional. Study is an ability that is acquired in order to do job and skill is an ability to perform an action for predetermined goals that generate unlimited work power in a personality. Study is a need for starting a smart profession. Doing study is a tough task. It is full of tensions and worries, ninety five percentage tensions of students are revolves around obtaining marks more than eighty percent marks. It is reproving challenge that makes the learner conscious and industrious. They often ask questions, ‘how they can improve their Detail Marks Card [DMC] record and how can they do 5 or 6 hours regular study?’ Educational experts, dedicated teachers, psychologist post their valuable views on  Improving marks is a difficult task as it needs to work hard , concentration, awareness about competition because Indian students are habitual to get bookish knowledge, no availability of self- exploratory ways of learning and lack of adventure makes education more difficult for them. Memorizing words and sentences of non-native language consumes much time and mind’s attention. They always make spelling mistakes and worried to get good marks. On the other hand support of parents for the education of children is appreciable. Today, the situation has taken an advance turn by technical education- distance education or online learning that is attracting young students. A craze for getting higher education among young learners is being noticeable. It is recognize as the efforts of scientist who help the youth. In the field of education 28 February is celebrated as National Science Day, 5 September for Teachers Day, 14 November for Children Day. 20 September should be celebrated for Online Learning Day or Distance Education Day because, on 20 September 2004 a satellite EDUSAT is launched by Indian Space Research Organization for the purpose to teach the Indian students who have no access for getting education due to poverty and live in remote areas. It was the great mission of scientists has completed to eradicate the roots of illiteracy. Illiterate masses of a country count as burden on its natural resources and wealth of the nation. The mission of providing education to all – means to convert human resources into precious wealth for the social and economic progress. The second challenge for India was, to opening of schools and colleges,for all was difficult. Training of teachers, provision of teaching aids and supply of revised text books was the unsolved problems for the country from many years. By the help of EDUSAT,  challenging problems are solved as using by magic wand of online education. Marvelous! Scientists have done their work intellectually. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Distance Education

Distance learning is fertilizing among youth day to day. It enables to develop unflinching faith to get certification for degree courses. Ambitious youth want degree to get a job and they enroll their names for degree courses. Data according enrollment survey has jumped in last two years 27% to 65% because location for study – far or near has no matter; fully solved material is a substantial boon. Preparation for examination is out of tensions and worries. Expenditure of books is in pockets. Traveling trouble one place to another for college and university has   solved due to portability of smart phones and laptops. Determination to take a degree for an individual is fruitful because anywhere he/she employ for a job. The reality of employment world is having a degree for related profession – firstly is asked him/her for degree. Education has played an important role in the concern of employment. But anything that a person receives without efforts and work hard is being worthless and useless. On the other hand educated youth is facing trouble of unemployment more than uneducated persons. Increasing the strength of degree holder youth can compare with increasing global warming. Mere certification of a degree without skill is harmful not only for social settlements but for economic ups and downs are disturbed also.  The industrial revolution has proved harmful for biological atmosphere. In the early years of nineteenth century scientist has started to warn the masses too much interference with nature would be harmful and dangerous one day. Rising of air pollution, water pollution and deforestation would be a cause of many incurable diseases. Now people are suffering from them. Soil erosion, melting glaciers, tsunami, earth quake, eruption of volcanoes, and untimely flood are effecting human life  and get a furious form as natural disasters. Suffering humanity is struggling against these calamities by using their earned wealth for the treatment of health. Unnatural approach of human has also proved harmful for many spices of animals, birds and tiny creature. It has happening due to unusual interaction with nature by human directly or indirectly. Incurable diseases are enlarging the queues of patients in hospitals, dispensaries and pharmacy centres. I think, one day, degrees are given by online learning or by distance education will create same situation in the field of employment as degree holder will apply for jobs where vacancies will open. Degree in the absence of skill is worthless. Present as well as future age has much need of technically skilled human power. But  results will be inadequate or not matched with the requirements of social and economic institutions. Educated persons will not to be able to fulfil their aspirations. Time and money are two precious elements of one’s life that are being wasted as availability of online learning blocked thinking and reasoning skill, hammered wonderful power of imagination. Critical thinking and problem solving thinking that is developed during  the college or university education will not the features of a personality by online learning. The habit of not doing work hard will be a non-biodegradable part of educational hub like as plastic is known as for the health of the Earth. Educated graduates can be known as ambitious aspirants who will want work for money, not for the purpose of to do their best and they will help to increase uncountable traffic for employment offices or job sites. On the other hand in the age of advanced technology will be demand for skilled candidates. The social and economic situation will be got worse when the rule of demand and supply to be get a form of imbalance. 

                Application of Education

An Indian movie 3idoits has left unforgotten impression in educational world.

The scene of an engineering collage – new comer boys want to enter their rooms but they have faced the ragging activity is doing by the senior boys. All the new comers students feel miser and helpless. Then a boy

[the hero of the movie- Aamir Khan] Ranchodds [Rancho] enters in the compound of hostel and observe the situation of the residential area. He does not want to be part of the ragging. Sharply, he enters his room to face the challenge of passing urine at his door every day the whole year by the head of senior students. Then he thinks to apply a formula of physics to get rid of boys challenge. He takes a spoon and attaches it with an electric wire for passing the current into spoon and tie it with a wooden stick to handle it.

 He drags it out of room’s door. When the ragging boy come to his door and start to pass urine, he shocks by electric current when another new comer boy Farhan Qurashi [Madnavan] says, ‘we have read the formula in physics books but he has  applied.’ It’s called application of knowledge. Education without application like as raw data for computer because processing of raw data is needed, to convert raw data into useful output. So getting education is good – means you have collect raw data. To provide a practical form of your knowledge will help you to be a talented professional. The name of Amazon’s owner is Jaff Bezos, you have search many times on internet to check his income. He has applied his education or knowledge and has proved his professional talent. An Indian person Byju Raveendran is a founder of Byju’s learning app. Both are the 

 symbol of talented professional persons.  

If you have the facility to get higher education, you should be develop a habit of hard work so the purpose of get online degree to help you be a talented professional. It will be not only useful for you but it will be proved as a boon for needy persons in world.