Hi! Adult Aspirants

Congratulations!! You have passed your 12th and have stood at the four directional crossing, seeking for the course to choose for future profession.

Russian famous writer ‘Leo Tolstoy’ had said that ‘The future is great’ in his famous book ‘War and peace’. So it is yours first and foremost responsibility towards your future profession.

What you want to be in future? Discover honestly without any pressure because your capability and thinking will lead you to study for bright future. As you imagine as you a professional person- a film star, a director, a doctor, an astronaut, an engineer, a model, a you tuber, a writer, an app developer etc.

To be a great personality is yours dream. I am sure and ensure you – you can do it if you have iron determination to convert your dream into achievable goal.

If you are alert, agile and enough smart to make a decision and an industrious person, you can transmit your simple life into an impressionable life style. Think over it, what do you want to become? It should be as clear as crystal because you are entering for global competition. The requirement of global competition is mastering in one field.

There are different degree courses for different subject combination for different area of profession. So if you have passed 12th with mathematics. It allows a wide range of various type of degree course for bright future- not as only a mathematics teacher profession category.

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Big Data Analyst

Required Education-

  • Bachelor’s in mathematics/statistics/engineering
  • Master’s in Data Analytic, Business intelligence
  • Actuary

Required Education- Bachelor’s in mathematics, statistics, economics, B.com or actuarial science

Note:  Actuarial  Common Entrance Test should be clear. [A.C.E.T]

  • Operations Research Analyst

Operational researchers are those professionals who are dealt with complex problems of online shopping.

Required education-

  • Bachelor’s in mathematics, statistics, engineering/management
  • MBA in operation management
  • Mathematician

You are living in the age of internet, satellite, computers, cell phones. Private companies have employed mathematicians.  If you have analytical and critical thinking ability, you should join the below mentioned fields.

  • Climate study
  • Robotics
  • Defense
  • Finance
  • Astronomy

Required education- Bachelor’s/Master’s in Mathematics.

  • Statistician

If you have interested in studies of bar graphs, pie charts for each field- politics, agriculture, business, health care, crime, insurance, population statistics are profession that can fulfill your dream of shining lives.

Required education- Bachelor’s in mathematics, statistics and Master’s in statistics.

  • Market researcher

Today, the whole world has become a market. Companies require able professionals for market research for product service, analysis data about market conditions, preferences of consumers, competitors etc.

Required education-

  • Graduation in mathematics
  • Statistics economics or psychology

Career for humanities group

If you have passed your 12th in humanities subject, you think there are lesser opportunities than science and mathematics subjects.

It shows your negativity of your mind. Even your social circle reminds you are less intelligent student. Don’t feel shy. There are more options for you if you have a strong desire to be professional, have a faith in your work hard and also have a creative mind, you can enter in the world of designing to enhance your creativity.

  1. Fashion designing:

The study of the specialized fields in the area of designing such as garment design, footwear,  jewellery, accessories, interior and leather design etc.

Required education:

  • B.Sc in fashion design
  • B.J.M.C

Bachelor of journalism and mass communication is an undergraduate program. Career opportunities for B.J.M.C students are very high in the field of mass communication. Aspirants can earn both popularity and money.

Career options: Newspaper, Television, Radio and internet.

  • Bachelor’s of fine arts [Hon.] –  4 years degree course

If you have creative mind and you want to make a delight by experimenting with new mediums and techniques and a rich network of individual creativity.

It provides you career as a freelancer as well as an owner. Such as freelance studio artist, gallery artist illustrator, creative designer, art historian and theater set designer.

  • BA in Animation

You can turn your imagination into reality. Join the course of BA in animation. Film industry  provide you limitless opportunities for your dazzling career. Be an animator.

Required education

  • BA in Animation & multimedia- 3 years course.
  • BA in Animation and CG Arts
  • BA in Animation and graphic design
  • B.HM (Bachelor of Hotel management- 4 years degree course)

Hotel management is an undergraduate program. In India there is great demand of professionals, if you have dreams for public relations, customer service, sales and marketing. You can enroll your name for healthy tomorrow career.

Good communication and organizational skill should be your personality traits.

  • B.BA- Tour & Travel management

Interesting career option for those ambitious students who love to study historical places, monument, amusement parks and fond of traveling.

You can select B.BA tour and travel management 3 years undergraduate course.

You will learn during course the course:

  • Travel management
  • Tourism development
  • Ecology
  • Inter- cultural communication
  • Environment on tourism

You can satisfy your will for traveling and earn money 2,00,000 – 15,00,000.

  • B.Sc in airlines & airport management- 3 years course

In this course below mentioned training is provided:

  • Air traffic control
  • Air career operations
  • Airline operations
  • Aviation maintenance and other services

For commerce students

After 10th commerce is common choice among  students who do not want to study in science, mathematics and humanities. If you have passed 12th in commerce, you can start your career by pursuing B.Com degree 3 years course.

It provides following opportunities for career.

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Finance management
  • Information system and management

Advanced career options:

  • Chartered accountant (CA)
  • Cost and work
  • Company secretary (CS)

Other options: Accountant, Auditor, Consultant, Business Analyst, Finance officer, Sales officer, Sales analyst, Junior analyst, Tax accountant, Stock broker, Economist, Business Development trainee.

For medical students

Medical and non-medical group students who have a combination of P.C.M and P.C.B.M subjects.

P.C.M (Physics, chemistry and mathematics) can choose following courses

  • B.tech in agriculture
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Planning
  • Indian army technical entry scheme
  • Bachelor of computer application
  • Diploma in film and television

PCB (Physics, chemistry, biology) can choose- M.BBS, B.D.S and Bachelor of pharmacy.

If you don’t have interest in them due to financial problems – you can choose can below mentioned 3 years courses.

  • B.Sc in Biotechnology
  • B.Sc in Bio informatics
  • B.Sc in Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc in Forensic science
  • B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B.Sc in Psychology
  • B.Sc in nursing (2 years)
  • G.N.M- General nursing and midwifery course

Information about degree courses will help you to lot. You can select a collage and university as you wish. To select collage you can click the website www.collagedekho.com