Learning by apps is well known, popular and trouble free method. It is attractive, productive and attention catcher for kids. Experienced teachers and parents are known how is difficult to teach kids as they demands more time and respect for the development of individuality. Present day parents have no enough time to spent with their kids so they explore much easy way for teach kids. As the uses and demand is increasing various types of learning apps – it is sure that the days would have gone when will parents search for a Kindergarton school for their kids. Learning by apps and joining virtual academy is becoming popular among young parents. Parents are showing interest  in new  wonderful ways  and adopting due to corona crisis, admissions in schools has become an unanswered question. In virtual schools kids can enjoy beautifully animated school environment and virtual classrooms. It will be the school of tomorrow and people would have forgotten about the schools in their societies and cities because kids like to learn by educational games. Smart phones are helping considerably for kids as well as parents. They are habitual to learn by touching  letters and numbers. They enjoy learning and try to learn with colorful dancing letters and numbers. Clearness of pronunciation helps to develop keen interest  and  know more. Some popular educational games like  ABC Bini, Super ABC, ABC Phonics & reading, ABC learn and spelling, ABC Spelling, Spell & Phonics, Math Puzzle, Math Kids, Add, subtract and count, Multiplication table, 123number, Count and tracing, Mental up learning games etc. 

These games help to create an attraction for learning. They attract towards these games like iron towards magnet. They show keen interest in learning. These games increase the captivity of mind by movement of letters and objects fascinating their attention by touching letters and numbers.

               Help to Increase Memory

Educational games help to increase memory of students when they touch, read, listen letters and numbers again and again without any hesitation. As memory is a requiring for learning. It can be acquired by practice. During school time, there is less availability to increase memory in the class room. Strength of students and teacher ratio always remained an unsolved issue. All kids required time and attention that can be never provided in class for limited hours. All students are not alike. Some are quick learner and some are slow. But teacher classifies them in three categories for his/her own convenience as first category is above average kids/students. They are quick learner. They respond their teacher swiftly. They are labelled as excellent pupils. The second category is used for average students which are less intelligent than excellent students. They can learn by some special efforts of teachers. They are labelled as B grade students. Third category is for those students who are slow learners are called below  average students. They can learn by the combine efforts of teachers and parents. They need more attention, time, care and efforts of parents and teachers. But parents and teachers have no enough time for them. They are neglected and rebuked in schools and homes. They are labelled as dull or D grade silly tots unsympathetically. They feel miserable, shy and pushed back in the last row in the class. But today situations are changed by educational games. They can learn without any hesitation. These games help in revising lesson again and again many a time in a day. They show their curiosity to learn. ABC letters and 123 numbers are easy to learn by apps for kids. Kids try to improve their memory by self activity. As slow learners have requirement to more practice, they can do anywhere they are. They learn by trial and error method. Seeing, touching numbers and letters again and again help to eliminate the habit of forgetting.

                Building of concentration

Concentration is a key factor in learning. Without concentration no task can be completed. It should be a personality trait. Developed personality traits help to achieve goals in life. Among kids, divisibility of attentions weakens the memory of the learners and reduces their work capability. Concentration comes through regular practice. Timely practice is a cumbersome task for kids because instability in attentions be a main cause of distractions. Distractions are varied among children. Commonly they are fond of watching cartoon shows. They watch them curiously for uncounted hours. They think as they see and live in imaginary world. Although these shows help to improve their language level yet too much watching shows make them obstinate and distract their attention from studies. It works like a small hole in a water tank that has emptied it gradually by continue leakage. Therefore timely action should be taken in the favor of their healthy tomorrow. Educational games like – Coloring Book, Colors & shapes, Paint for kids can assist to develop a habit for work. Some parents think coloring is an activity for wasting of time and useless. But children enjoy with colors, make fun by drawing pictures, learn to use different tools and imagine something new that helps them in building concentration.              

                     Arousing Interest

Arousing interest in studies of children is an unsolved problem from years for educational experts and teachers. To arouse interest for studies is not a trouble free task. Experts suggested many methods and aids to arouse interest till last century. It was a considerable concept – interest are shaped by hereditary and social environment where a child born and live. On the other hand imparting education in the absence of interest is useless. To know one’s interest was difficult task for teacher because kids could not tell their likes and dislikes. Present day kids are smart they use smart phones and you tube. Therefore the old concept about interest has replaced by new concept. Educational technology is able to discover and develop  interests. It has solved a critical problem that makes learning easy. In the age of primary childhood that child shows his interest what does he like or dislike. The primary concern of arousing interest for study can develop some educational games Fashion dress up games, Little monster’s makeup game, super market shopping and shopping games. These games also help to be a creative for a child. Use of these educational games is uncountable but parents should teach them writing on paper because hand and eye coordination can be developed by writing practice.